Ron Paul Highlights at the Fox News / GOP of South Carolina Debate

  • They cant stop the train baby!!! Ron Paul is coming!!!


  • I’m in despair for the blinded fools that boo and mock Dr. Paul’s pro-American foreign policy. Foreign policy should be the most important issue of any presidential race.

  • What was being boooed at 12:40?

  • Paul is right on, watch out for the inflation tax A bankrupt country is weak country, if we can get our finances in order it strengthens our defense. One of the greatest threats to the US is our debt, spending and leveraged financial system, and no one but Paul is addressing it.

  • Oh yeah, booooo due process boooo. I’m glad that there were still some in attendance that recognized that due process has to be protected for EVERYONE. You can’t cherry pick that.

  • I bet there was a vertical limit to the twitter bar graph. I wonder if some of Paul’s ratings would have been off the chart, still he was high in every single area! Ron Paul 2012!

  • “We endlessly bomb these nations, then we wonder why they get upset with us?!”

    Crowd: “Boo! America is the best, they hate us for our freedom! Our government has never done anything wrong! Boo!”

    Fucking morons

  • America… the world hates you. Really hates you, every country I’ve been to people hate you. Why? Because some idiots in your country actually think its their business to police the world. This crowds booing of the Golden Rule is madness. That said, Ron Paul and his followers are once again proving the case of America’s exceptionalism. No other country has had such an honest, sincere and liberty minded candidate. The libertarian intellectual movement can not be stopped. We are all at the fore!

  • why do people boo Ron Paul? they don’t like the Golden rule or what? and then they say they’re Christian..

  • Love how they boo’d then cheered Ron Paul on the EXACT SAME POINT in the same response.

  • To hear the Boos for the golden rule breaks my heart. I’ve heard some creepy things from so called Christians lately, and I refuse to grow numb to it. I can’t believe that pastors everywhere aren’t calling their congregations out on this type of “kill them all” mentality.

  • LOL he owned Ben Bernake! Why is the Federal Reserve Chairmen in this debate? GTFO

  • i dont kno why i thought he did so bad while i was watchin the debate live but now lookin at recaps besides that he could have been more aggressive he did really good considering this entire debate was focusing on him looking bad. good work Ron Paul! i have your back no matter what

  • hanged

  • The MSM says that Dr Paul is “unelectable”, but the truth is that RON PAUL is INELUCTABLE! [Get out your dictionaries…]

  • 18:17 seys it all. RON PAUL 2012!

  • pwned

  • brett baier is the biggest douchebag moderator. He needs to stop trying to interrupt//debate, thats not his god damn job.

  • Those chickenhawks need to watch

    “I like Ron Paul, except on Foreign Policy”