Ron Paul Highlights at the Fox News / GOP of South Carolina Debate

  • side note, FUCK Andrew Jackson. Trail of Tears? ever heard of it? Small pox blankets?

  • At one point I thought he was completely falling apart but I’m glad he made up with the audience and made his actual point! These debates are really turning into the X Factor with the hosts trying to impress the audience. Newt is a terrible person! Romney is a fool for saying he would sign the NDAA! what a trader Obama clone.

  • “You consider that defense spending? I consider that WASTE”. OWNED

  • These mo mo’s are cheering that fat fuck Newt on for saying “We need to kill our enemies” …. WOW…. That says it all… Ron Paul is the real deal!


  • i’m predicting that ron paul is going to BARELY not make it to the primaries, right behind newt or romney. and I LOVE ron paul. I’m saying this because there are too many wealthy/powerful people who do not want him in office, and that outcome would be the only one half-way believable to the american people. ron paul has far too much support to not be kicking political ass right now

  • Pfft, America’s fucked, look at this stupid fucking crowd of ignoramuses.

  • To all of those people that booed Dr. Paul and then applauded him, you are all fucking hypocritical idiots.

  • URGENT: Ron Paul educational video. Watch this video on my channel and help restore our Republic! It’s up to you now. What will you do?


    They were set up to “”DESTROY”” (2) Obstacles to NWO 1. Middle Class & the #2=CONSTITUTION, they are Bigger than the CIA & FBI put together Google USACOR

    They are sending JOBS overseas, doing away with little Farmers, Shut down Ship Building, Steel Plants etc

    on youtube see MI6 Agent Dr John Coleman CLUB OF ROME lecture

    They have Americans DRUGGED with TOXINS in BRAIN= Fluoride, wwwFLUORIDEALERTorg & InSECT KILLER see dr blaylock excitotoxins

  • good editing, thanks for posting

  • You and I know the difference between right and wrong, not the government. NOt this government!

  • everyone should at least listen to 14:00- 15:30!!!

  • all older folks should come and vote for ron paul he speaks with the age and wisdom, the televisions corrupt hold on the presidential nominees is loosing its grip. For a while people just wanted to see a pretty picture. Those days are coming to an end, older folks lets support ron paul. Hes an exception to the rule. Ron paul wants what the people want. The government wants what the government wants. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE NOT THE GOVERNEMENT!!! THE PEOPLE KNOW WHATS BEST!!!!

  • The age and wisdom of ron paul. He is truly a wise elder with the words of purity and clear reason and wisdom. Itll be a good change to have a wise elder in charge.

  • How the hell is romney in first place if ron paul kicked his ass on just twitter

  • RON PAUL 2012

    the boos will make us stronger

  • wtf 11:45 ? “Clear idea of what to do with enemies; kill them” ??? And then the crowd goes wild ??? That paints a pretty picture for humanity, doesn’t it… I do not what to be a part of that mentality. I say don’t put money before human live, and there won’t ever be any terrorism or enemies popping up. – Ron Paul 2012!

  • wow, they have a speaking monkey with a red tie … 7:11

  • “blessed are the peacemakers” As a christian, i actually believe these words. What have we come to as a nation when the golden rule gets booed? Ron Paul did not have a strong performance, especially when he started rambling for 3 minutes straight. A little political advice, work on your delivery of the message more Ron, and keep your answers short and sweet

  • Do you think what’s her name could wear any more makeup? jeeez!.