Ron Paul Highlights at the Fox News / GOP of South Carolina Debate

  • meat puppet boos and real American YEAHs

  • international law is the hosts description of US CONGRESS … then 25 minutes later the paid BOOs come in… no sweat Doc, no sweat.

  • 9 15 biggest balls ive ever seen…

  • Thumb up for more “Likes” than “Views”

  • 440 and i am in tears of not rage, sorrow, or the feeling of being able to do nothing, but the tears of BEST ANSWERS EVER !!!! SUCK IN MAINSTREAM BULLSHIT MEDIA AMERICA DOESNT WANT YOU !!!! yes!



  • Great Video!

  • Filibusted!

  • I am taken back by the audience booing at Dr. Paul, but I am more surprised by how quickly they went from booing to cheering when he explains his position. An honest debate is all we need to change the hearts and minds of Americans but the media (corporations) and the government will never allow that to happen.

  • Some people will never understand

  • The truth always hurts. But the people are waking up and vote for their future!

    Ron Paul 2012!!

  • Did his mike go up when they asked him about bin ladin?

  • people are waking up

  • I have to admit other than Ron Paul I am beginning to have a visceral HATRED for the “UGLY AMERICAN”. Their chauvinistic & psychotic need for war is truly scary. I never realized how truly sick your LEADERS are until I heard them ranting for war & the audience cheering them on. If the rest of the world prosecuted your leaders under the same JUSTICE your leaders have inflict on the rest of the World, these leaders would be hunted down & pissed on. The lucky ones would be prosecuted & hanged.

  • They may have booed but he turned it around to applause…

  • Paul won all polls, ooh fox fucked up letting us see that lol.

  • They didn’t ask Ron a question for a good 40 minutes into the debate. Right from the start it was all about Romney. It was romney this then romney that. It’s so biased that it’s not even funny. And why the hell is Perry still there? Romney and Paul are the only guys in the competition.

  • did the audience seriously just boo and cheer on the same statement/topic

  • Good Job thank you!!

  • watching ron paul is awesome when you’re high 🙂