Only Two Republican Candidates on Virginia Ballot

In Virginia, real change candidate and Champion of the Constitution Ron Paul will face down establishment flip-flopper Mitt Romney

Ron Paul, the constitutionally-observant candidate of real change, will face down establishment candidate and notorious flip-flopper Mitt Romney in a head-to-head matchup in the Virginia primary.

The Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied four candidates’ appeals to appear on the ballot after their glaring failure to comply with the Commonwealth’s stringent, but widely-known, ballot access requirements.

Former candidate Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum did not file signatures with the Virginia State Board of Elections at all. Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich did file signatures, but fell short of qualifying. Rick Perry then brought a suit against the state challenging the ballot-access requirements to which all candidates were held, and others failing to qualify joined the suit. When the suit was struck down, an injunction was filed in part to reconcile whether and when paper ballots would be printed, and today the final decision was handed down.

Virginia is the nation’s 12th-largest state and its primary election takes place on March 6th – Super Tuesday. The absence of any other candidates on the ballot aside from Paul and Romney, including serial hypocrite Gingrich and counterfeit conservative Santorum, is sending ripple effects throughout key early voting states including South Carolina where Palmetto State voters now are concerned about how their vote will affect the nominating process going forward.

For example, some voters might vote for a candidate with an organization too weak to comply with ballot access requirements. Voting for that candidate would result in a vote wasted, as were the votes of many for candidates who exited the race like Michele Bachmann and Jon Huntsman. Others ponder that only one veteran of the armed forces – Ron Paul – will be on the ballot in Virginia, a state so steeped in military tradition. Still others have observed that only one Evangelical Christian will appear on the ballot there. Indeed, there are many questions.

One thing is certain. And that is, the decision has upended what plaintiffs against the Commonwealth and voters nationwide had expected just hours ago when plaintiffs held onto thin hopes of a reversal, or a convenient exception to the rule of law.

“It’s over,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. “Ron Paul, the candidate of real change, will face off against establishment flip-flopper Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary, making that that Tuesday less ‘super’ for serial hypocrite Newt Gingrich, counterfeit conservative Rick Santorum, and Rick Perry, who I should mention is marginally attached to the presidential race.”

“This legal development affirms that this Republican nominating contest has always been a two-man race between the candidates with the resources and organization required for a 50-state race. Voters nationwide should get behind the candidate of real change as he competes nationwide – and nationwide means a lot of states, including large ones like Virginia,” said Mr. Benton.

“Right now South Carolina voters have vital information helpful for deciding not only who the authentic conservative in the race is – Ron Paul – but whether that candidate leaves South Carolina with a ticket that actually gets him somewhere,” added Mr. Benton.


  • Valeria

    I say if Ron Paul doesn’t go against Obama, or He doesn’t become president.. “We the People” DEMAND it. We live in this country. If there is part of this country’s system that isn’t working for the people but for itself (like it obviously is now), We have the power to SAY NO.. or else We are the ones that have to suffer the consequences of this country’s decisions. I can’t vote & I pretty much have no say because I am not a citizen (not a fair law but whatever) but if people get together and just simply won’t take No for an answer, I will definitely do my part in that because Ron is the only one that can win.. I would of made him president when he ran the first time and just stuck with him till He wanted to and then took His advice on who should be president next, just like a King.. and just like great Kings He’s one of those moments in life that you can look back on and be honored to have been part of, prideful to have been able to understand (because most people are still so blind) and to simply have been a part of His life period because He is the reason on why I know that there is good people out there and they are willing to go threw so much (because I am sure He doesn’t get much sleep) just to be able to tell all of us “You can be free if you choose to be” .. So again, if Ron Paul isn’t President we just simply demand that He is because me personally, I am sick of this hollywoodfied politics and it’s only goal to be simply irrational vanity. RON PAUL NO MATTER WHAT!