Only Two Republican Candidates on Virginia Ballot

In Virginia, real change candidate and Champion of the Constitution Ron Paul will face down establishment flip-flopper Mitt Romney

Ron Paul, the constitutionally-observant candidate of real change, will face down establishment candidate and notorious flip-flopper Mitt Romney in a head-to-head matchup in the Virginia primary.

The Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied four candidates’ appeals to appear on the ballot after their glaring failure to comply with the Commonwealth’s stringent, but widely-known, ballot access requirements.

Former candidate Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum did not file signatures with the Virginia State Board of Elections at all. Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich did file signatures, but fell short of qualifying. Rick Perry then brought a suit against the state challenging the ballot-access requirements to which all candidates were held, and others failing to qualify joined the suit. When the suit was struck down, an injunction was filed in part to reconcile whether and when paper ballots would be printed, and today the final decision was handed down.

Virginia is the nation’s 12th-largest state and its primary election takes place on March 6th – Super Tuesday. The absence of any other candidates on the ballot aside from Paul and Romney, including serial hypocrite Gingrich and counterfeit conservative Santorum, is sending ripple effects throughout key early voting states including South Carolina where Palmetto State voters now are concerned about how their vote will affect the nominating process going forward.

For example, some voters might vote for a candidate with an organization too weak to comply with ballot access requirements. Voting for that candidate would result in a vote wasted, as were the votes of many for candidates who exited the race like Michele Bachmann and Jon Huntsman. Others ponder that only one veteran of the armed forces – Ron Paul – will be on the ballot in Virginia, a state so steeped in military tradition. Still others have observed that only one Evangelical Christian will appear on the ballot there. Indeed, there are many questions.

One thing is certain. And that is, the decision has upended what plaintiffs against the Commonwealth and voters nationwide had expected just hours ago when plaintiffs held onto thin hopes of a reversal, or a convenient exception to the rule of law.

“It’s over,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. “Ron Paul, the candidate of real change, will face off against establishment flip-flopper Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary, making that that Tuesday less ‘super’ for serial hypocrite Newt Gingrich, counterfeit conservative Rick Santorum, and Rick Perry, who I should mention is marginally attached to the presidential race.”

“This legal development affirms that this Republican nominating contest has always been a two-man race between the candidates with the resources and organization required for a 50-state race. Voters nationwide should get behind the candidate of real change as he competes nationwide – and nationwide means a lot of states, including large ones like Virginia,” said Mr. Benton.

“Right now South Carolina voters have vital information helpful for deciding not only who the authentic conservative in the race is – Ron Paul – but whether that candidate leaves South Carolina with a ticket that actually gets him somewhere,” added Mr. Benton.


  • Please take the gloves off. This should be a slam dunk for dr. Paul. One guy with a perfect constitutional record and the other a nwo operative. Paul needs to show the uninformed masses that there is NO difference between bush,Obama, and mitt. easy

  • Wes

    Mitt Romney still has 10 times the money thanks to Goldmann and other fat cats, and people are still swayed by what name they see the most. But they wouldn’t if people would quit being bums and chip in a measly $5 each moneybomb, for their future and way of life for their kids. I can’t believe we can’t raise $10M easy every moneybomb. Surely people realize how important this is?! Or $2 each.

  • ProudTEX

    Great finally Ron Paul will have some time to speak. Hopefully it won’t be as frustrating as South Carolina, New Hampshire or Iowa debate?

    ****RON PAUL 2012****

    • standrkm

      @ProudTEX All Ron needs is 89 seconds lol. I was surprised Fox showed the polls he won after the debate. Must have been a Perry type OOPS moment.

  • shadbowen


  • standrkm

    Paul should just do nothing in Virginia and get second and focus his resources elsewhere lol. Make sure you guys donate whatever you can to the moneybomb! This is it, if Ron loses we might not get this opportunity ever again.

  • I hope the dead voters dont show up to this one.

  • AaronTaylor

    It’s set for ‘Super Tuesday’ so yes. They will simply ignore Virginia since they’ve got others to report on. (still a win with no coverage is still a win)

  • PalmettoPete

    @dagobertotorres I can’t see it what is it? Good for Ron or bad??? :/

  • logicjbr

    to me, he was just begging for applauses. He got on this “America the Great f*c the world” talking points that he knew would generate loud cheers after Ron was trying to get America to do some self reflecting (which imo is utterly impossible – but that’s another post). When he was asked a question, he even went back to a previous question, repeated what as already said by Newt and Santorum, just to get a cheer. Romney is not even close to a true alternative.

    • PalmettoPete

      @logicjbr I’m sick of my fellow people saying f*ck the world America ! That’s so fucked up and immoral and disrespectful it just blows my mind and strangles my principals and ethic… How inconsiderate and simple minded can one get? :/

      • logicjbr

        @PalmettoPete and it’s sad, imo. because this is a great country. we got a lot of loving people.

      • PalmettoPete

        @logicjbr True that

  • Zionism is Racism

    “The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race… we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed, not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.” – Noel Ignatiev, former Harvard professor, current Professor of History at Massachusetts College of Art, founder of the Race Traitor journal

    • logicjbr

      @Zionism is Racism what does something like this even mean??

      • PalmettoPete

        @[email protected] is Racism Yea, wrong place to post but I just looked that guy up and that’s fucked up really bad. How can he publish and say these kinds of things and still be employed at a University? Why haven’t I heard of this until I read your post and looked it up for myself? Wtf, Zionism is as extremist as Islam and maybe even more dangerous because it’s right here under our noses and someones hiding it from us ! I’m actually really pissed off right now wtf. >:(

  • CandiedWalnuts

    @jfktruther @CalFireNews that’s the one I’m waiting for! That’s where we’ll find out how strong of a candidate #Romney is.

    • CalFireNews

      @CandiedWalnuts @jfktruther Thinking Ron Paul will take it…

      • jfktruther

        @CalFireNews @CandiedWalnuts Hope So! Dr. Paul can run circles around Romney

        • CalFireNews

          @jfktruther @CandiedWalnuts I agree Ron Paul has everything over MR and I agree with many of his ideas…

  • ilovemytroops

    @jfktruther @CalFireNews and Ron Paul will win Virginia given Confederates/KKK stronghold

    • LogicDGC

      @ilovemytroops how do u come to that conclusion?

      • ilovemytroops

        @LogicDGC how? Virginia is a stronghold Confederate #dixiecrat/KKK state. Ron Paul’s type does well in those states, always

  • szemen

    @jfktruther This will b interesting & they should b able to get everything they’ve missed on the table & explain what they expect 2 get done

  • DeweyForrestWitt

    Yeah jtmoon1979 Ron Paul is also running to put the power back into the hands of the states, and this process is doing exactly that, they didn’t follow requirments as they KNEW LONG in advance what they had too do. Doesnt favor anyone, but it does show us what candidates have a knack for dropping the ball when its crunch time.

  • dagobertotorres

    If you saw last night’s debate and know how to read between lines you’ll see something very important that is really comming soon to shake the race.

  • jtmoon1979

    As thee “Ron Paul” website, I’m disappointed this article author is accepting Virginia’s strict requirements simply because it *happened* to favor Ron Paul.

    One of Ron Paul’s points (and a big reason Ron is running as a Republican instead of within any other party) is States and Counties have set up candidacy requirements wherein resource poor candidates and parties have difficulty getting on ballots. Thus, the Big Two parties get implicit favoritism.

    I hope would consider investigating more information and criticism of Virginia’s ballot requirements.


  • Tumpuh

    Romney was a joke in 08..and hes a joke now…period

    • ProudTEX


      Well – the problem is that we have a lot of jokers who is going to vote for Mitt. Just like George Carlin stated once “Garbage in Garbage out”. These politicians came from the same people, churches, university, who will vote for Ronmey in. One clueless is voting another clueless.

      Get prepared and not be ashamed to spread the message of Ron Paul to your friends and family. Remember Ron Paul is not a politician; he is constitutionalist, libertarian who is going to fight a lot of Neocons traders in Washington, crooks in Fed-Res & Wall Street and bring back what this country was found and based on. Just as he fights on the stage with other flip floppers, Chicken-hawk, hypocrites, Lobbyist and the FOX news unfair and biased mediocre.

      *****Ron Paul for 2012*****

  • Tumpuh

    Romney is a hack..if he wins the nomination.I will have lost any faith I may have had in the election process.

    • logicjbr

      @Tumpuh i hope everyone chooses to write in ron paul even if he doesn’t get the nomination. I think it would be a travesty if ron paul doesn’t win the nomination and his supporters either vote for romney or obama.

  • Steve

    I am another democrat that would vote for Ron Paul over Barack Obama. Republicans would be foolish not to run him for president.

  • John McGinnis

    I am a strong Democrat but if Ron Paul runs for president, he will get my vote. I think the republican party would be amazed at the number of Democrats that would vote for Ron Paul. I have heard from a lot of them. He is the only person that could beat President Obama!