Poll: Which Potential GOP Tickets Would You Vote for in the General Election?

Please take a few minutes to think about and answer these 27 questions.

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  1. In responce to tonight's Obama state of the nation: When government tries to help everyone, they end up helping no one. I heard a lot of what the government can do for us, but no details on how it's being paid for. Balance the budget and then we can talk about your new government agency. Interesting ongoing debate on should the 15% capital gains tax be raised. One can argue that the original money has already been taxed and that it is a double tax. After 10 years though and continuously making most of your money on capital gains, I do see a problem. Instead of raising this tax, I say drop the income tax to 15% and cut the budget. Or better yet, 0% (Paul's plan)


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  2. In the poll when I did not see Ron or Rand as president I picked Obama. Why you may ask. Well it did not tell me if Ron or Rand would be running as a third party. I would vote it they would run in a third party. If they do not and I have no good choice, I want to get the financial collapse to come as soon as possible and Obama to get the blame he deserves. I understand Austrian economics and the business cycle and I just want this thing over.


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  3. Please, please, please Mr. Paul,
    If you do not get the GOP nomination (voting & hoping you do), please run on an Independent ticket. We have to have a way to let our voices be heard.


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  4. Newt Gingrich is being a lying chameleon to do his best to win over the Ron Paul support. = Have we not learned enough from Newt's past to not EVER trust him?

    We should only vote for Ron Paul, because compromises with the untrustworthy will get us nowhere.


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  5. I'm afraid I have to agree. We can plug Rand in later, to carry on the reconstruction


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