SuperPAC Endorses Ron Paul, Raises $400,000

  • To any of little bitches talking about paul and say he is dangerous is fucking stupid ron paul has more money from the military supporters more than any candidate dangerous more like your scared because you know he will make democray again


  • should drop out….

  • Ron Paul is the absolute best!! wake up America!!!

  • Ron Paul is a true Humanitarian.

  • Sweet bout time

  • They need to hit all the patriot websites and etc…

  • These guys RULE!

  • RON PAUL vs Obama 2012

  • It’s patriots stepping forward like this that will make the difference. Do you want to make a difference? Stand up and voice your support in your neighborhood, at townhall meetings, and at the GOP conventions. That’s what I’m doing.

    How about you?

  • Yeah the Video wasn’t all that good. RON PAUL is the last best chance we got…They need to do better to showcase RP

  • I thought that ad was a little weak. It didn’t specify what Ron Paul will actually do like the ads his campaign runs.

  • imagine how scared the worlds kikes are right now folks.

  • I haven’t seen any ads here in Flordia! And the jerk has some, I can tell he is a lier! We need to start them here, ahead of time!

  • God bless them.

  • omg they are like twins

  • wow! These guys are true patriots.

  • I loved those guys. They’re real. Man, I am so sick of the polished a-holes Washington has always attracted. Go bro’s.

  • I heard some Liberals complaining, so I flamed them. “You liberals are always whining about how Walmart is driving small business owners out of business, and then you turn-round and criticize them for being active in politics. Stop being wishy-washy. Make-up you mind if you’re for small businesses or against them.”

  • Ron Paul 2012!!take back the white house from the war mongers!

  • The cable television channels are the real superpacs and they are biased as hell.