Sen. Tom Davis: Why I Support Ron Paul

  • FFS there is no reason to vote Romney. That guy is just a huge sack of shit.

  • CLICK ON MY NAME – TEA PARTY VICTORY – TO SEE HOW HORRENDOUSLY DANGEROUS RON PAUL’S INTERNATIONALIST/ISOLATIONIST VIEWS CAN BE. LISTEN TO THE FACTS. DON’T BE BRAINWASHED BY RON PAUL AND HIS PAULBOTS, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO THEY ARE.(There is a reason the entire auditorium booed Paul at last night’s debates, and it isn’t because of tinfoil hat conspiracy theories about a new world order)

  • Those polls are bullshit! Most are!

  • Good for this Senator, he is now on my radar as one of the true Americans to watch lead us to a sane future that rightfully belongs to the American people.

  • It’s a PAUL VOTE!!! or a NO VOTE!!!

  • ATTENTION: Glenn Beck IS running a campaign AGAINST Ron Paul! He CLAIMS he is a Libertarian. But who does he support? Rick Santorum. On his radio show today, it was nothing but a RP & RP supporter bashing. He even tried to claim that Ron Paul “Quadrupled” his districts spending since 1999. WE need fight back against Glenn Beck’s “Clear Channel Radio” scheme to demonize Paul and his supporters. Thru Peace and FACTS. GB must be confronted about this daily anti-paul propaganda.

  • This guy is awesome.

    I’m going to vote for the guy that has the best record, not the guy that the little box says to vote for.

  • would appear that South Carolina has some honest politicians at work. That gives me even more hope in America. Tom Davis knows all about the trickery of the ‘establishment’

    is to get up and fight the rigged voting system.
    Ron Paul gets the most votes but the establishment keeps rigging and cheating the system to put him second and third.
    Don’t let the liars get away with this shit – and don’t let them put voting on the internet, that would be the worst thing to do.
    Fight the corrupt system and Ron will be elected.

  • Tom Davis rocks. Didnt let the FOX talking head put words in his mouth or back him into a corner.

  • “Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.”
    –Bruce Lee

  • Tom Davis a man after my own heart…….He knows what is going on with the establishment.

  • These poles are bullshit. They call 10 little old lady’s and tell them what to think. Do an online pole open to everyone you cowards.

  • exciting that key people are stepping forward FOR RON PAUL.

    its annoying when the media interrupts someone who is making a clear and concise explanation of Ron Paul’s platform FOR THE PEOPLE…distorting and confusing them. assholes.

  • The main-stream media wants us to believe that there are still many Obama supporters. Are we kidding? The media is pulling the strings here.

  • Calling yourself “conservative” while simultaneously supporting trillions in unnecessary military spending is a contradiction.

  • YES!! YES! ! ! ! !

  • Hell yes! We’re coming together, and we will defeat the beast!!!

  • People are saying that if Ron Paul runs independent it will mess up the Republican vote, but Ron Paul has equal Independent, Democratic, and Republican followers. I would prefer that he won the Republican nomination, just to make things easier, but I think that he COULD win even if he ran Independent.

  • paul or nothing