Sen. Tom Davis: Why I Support Ron Paul

  • Sen. Tom Davis is a great person!
    However it seems that SC Tea party did chicken out and so far they haven’t endorsed Paul… (today is tue 1/17)

  • the news reporters always act surprised when they find out good news about paul…. c’mon!! i see right through that shiiiet!

  • Ron Paul or BUST! I am tired of the media. Cavuto the senator is endorsing Ron Paul, not Mitt Romney! Geez!

  • I will be short and brief. go to my Channel and like if you agree. Tribute to the American Patriot(Restore the Republic). I say no more!

  • Why is Perry still in it?

  • watch this video with the volume off and look at the unhuman speed at which Cavuto’s mouth moves when he talks

  • Santorum can keep his religious nuts endorsing him. Romney can keep his special interests endorsing him. I’ll take all the Tom Davis’ in this world in support on Ron Paul any day all day.


  • Everybody can vote in SC. Any democrat or anyone else. Call someone in SC and tell them to ask around and find RP supporters. They do not have to convince anyone. Just find people who already support RP and get them to the precinct, and Ron Paul wins.

  • You have to wonder where Fox gets there polls results from. Looks like the poll numbers are a crock of shit.

  • We need more prominent people like this shoving their opinion back into the faces of the media bias.

  • Good job TomDavis. Ron Paul 2012 all the way.

  • … to serve u have to believe in being human first … right now we have people joining the police .. cause they can do what they want .. beat people up, shoot when want to … feel like a top dog …. i say really …. bunch of gangsters …. … to all those apposed this ….. smaller government, let people let their life peacefully …. we don’t need u to start wars …. I hope you vote for Ron Paul !!!!!!!!!!!!! – HUMAN FIRST

  • Pawel Pela
    I really recommend everyone to read something about social psychology … and u will see … that everyone is just like you …. in a seance that we all think the same … its out life that makes us different … don’t fall in this media propaganda … they are trying to fool you…… again !!!!!!…. slow down and listen …..
    Ron Paul For President !!!!!!!!!! —

  • Okay so 32% of South Carolina’s citizens are as dumb as a rock. 21% probably eat as much junk food and live as adulterous as dough boy, and 13% think Muslims should all burn in a firey grave filled with napalm. What is wrong with people?? Sorry but if these polls are correct I’m never going to drive through SC again out of fear the welfare state may harm me for voting Ron Paul. America is in a very sad state right now with these idiots cheering for more war.

  • Its about putting forward a candidate that can actually bring forth change and not bankrupt American and its bringing out the most amount of delegates for that Candidate, not if they win or not. The message will be pushed forward if there is enough delegates and those delegates are needed for the GOP candidates to win.

  • where did Gingrich come from, I thought he had been exposed already, he’s a greedy NWO scumbag.

  • Cavuto is awesome.. he has always been good to Ron Paul

  • Bravo!

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