Sen. Tom Davis: Why I Support Ron Paul

  • I dislike the media bias, so I sure am glad these folks are coming out of the woodwork.


  • This is a great interview. Love it! Love Tom Davis for telling it like it really is! We’re all tired of it Tom!

  • Keep it Real Senator!

  • I like Tom Davis now. He likes The Who.

  • YEEAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! We Won’t Get Fooled Again Vote Ron Paul 2012!!


  • This is what we need. Ron Paul will have his strong, excited base, but to get some wins under his belt he needs major endorsements like this.

  • Cavuto has definitely shown respect for The RP Campaign , the best though was The Who reference ” What made your appearance especially meaningful ” , now that was funny .

  • Tom Davis is the man! “I’m tired of all the rhetoric!” Well said!

  • Ron Paul is the only one who can beat Obama. Dr Paul isn’t “unelectable”, he’s INELUCTABLE! [Look it up in your dictionary, folks.]
    Mitt Obama is no different from Barack Romney; RON PAUL or nobody at all.
    RON PAUL 2012!

  • Cavuto tried very hard to beat Ron Paul and Ron Paul really handled him on the earmark issue. In fact, the look on Cavuto’s face after that exchange was one of the funniest things I ever saw in my life.

  • We need more heavy hitters on Paul’s side.

  • “essay on monetary blindness”

  • “essay on monetary blindness”

  • “essay on monetary blindness”

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

    LAWWWWLLL!! C’mon watch dis video ! Werk dose puney little brain muscles ! Come on !!!! Do it !!!

  • Good choice Tom

  • Obama, Romney, Gingritch, Santorum, they are all the same. Ron Paul is the only guy not endorsing putting more money into the richs’ hands. But it will not be easy, why is there only one Wall state in America, when there are 50 states and 7 territories. The states, by that I mean the people, have to step up. You have to take control, just so some one else without any vested interest, beside financial, doesn’t have control. It’s not about when it’s good, it’s about when its bad.

  • Romney the Robot won’t fight for the little guy. Ron Paul the Liberator will! This senator dude gets it.

  • We all need to agree And come together Love unity and Respect As long as Obama’s out of office were fine…in The end Ron PAUL 2012!
    -I endorse this message, Kevin Walker