WSJ Economist: 0% Income Tax Would Lead to Most Massive Insourcing of Jobs in the History of the World

  • Actual democratic governments help protect their citizens from corporate excesses – the trouble is most countries have allowed corporations to buy out their governments, so the governments work for the corporations. Without any government, its just you Vs the unmediated power of corporations … good luck with that fight, particularly if you don’t like the situation were the government is just a branch of corporations.

  • they are screwing people now with the help of the government get the government smaller so the companies cant force you to do things…….example insurance very soon they will force you to eat what the government wants or you wont get your insurance ! What is happening now is corporatism!

  • Возможно автор и прав, вот этот сайт мне здорово помог поднятся на ивестициях

  • Yeah, Hugo Chavez’s big government empowered the rich 😛
    Government needs to be a CLEAN cop on the beat to ensure the market stays free, and is not dominated by monopolies or oligopolies. If it doesn’t, you end up with a Laissez Faire market (NOT a free market), and inevitably another big depression circa 1929 – where SOME of the rich made massive profits (the ones screwing up the markets), and EVERYONE else got screwed over … remind you of 2008 dodgy derivative traders and raters?

  • Government intrusion into the free market and crony capitalism(corporations colluding with big government to allow for preferential treatment in the marketplace) is why we don’t need big government. The government empowers the rich and the corporatocracy to reign unchallenged.

  • Yeah, we don’t need each other or the government, let the rich and companies screw everyone and everything over 😛

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