Ron Paul at the Personhood USA Pro-Life Presidential Forum

  • very forceful and commanding here. a complete difference from the SC fox debate. hope he brings his A-game to the cnn debate.

  • i love this guy


  • I am a strong supporter of DR. Paul, I do not have to agree with him 100% but he makes a lot of sense. The main thing is to remember, Rights are not to be voted on or they are not rights. Pro Choice means for the women to make the decissions. Pro life means no matter what, an abortion is not a choice, My only gripe about the last is that the woman in the end will deal with a very hard issue either way, and she is the only one to make the desicion.


  • Ron Paul is not trying to force us to not have abortions or force us to accept abortion but rather leave it up to our own state lands how we want to handle the issue and that is what is constitutional and freedom

  • Most of this pro-life people are deluded by religion and aren’t basing their opionion on medical data. The issue about abortion is a very hard one. I don’t think the government should intefere with it at all. Let the doctors choose and educate the people. Dr. Paul saw what abortion is first hand. He based his opinion on observation. Both camps, pro-choice and pro-life have some valid points. It’s a very hard issue to handle..

  • So let me guess.. They came out five minutes later and endorsed Santorum or Romney. No?

  • CNN’s taping of this was a billion times more clear. Does anyone have that version?

  • someone shut that screaming woman up!

  • There was so much applauding i could hardly hear Dr. Paul speak.

  • Ron Paul 2012………and Battlefield 3! lol

  • .”
    Many waiters are simply young people trying to put themselves through school or single parents working multiple jobs to try and pay their bills while raising a family Taxing their hard-earned tips is a disservice to service-sector workers across the country
    RP SAYS ,A gratuity should be just that. A gift for a job well done. There is no reason that the government needs to be a part of that thankful exchange.
    Dr Paul has an answer for us all and let us get the Government out of our lives!

  • I believe I have the right to be completely irresponsible and incompetant with managing my own body and get pregnant to strangers or my own partner and be able to terminate pregnancies and kill these babies that are inconvenient or unwanted due to the father I fucked being a complete dickhead, oh and I expect my Government to tax hard working people to pay for my abortions.

    Signed Liberal dumb hoar Obama voter.

  • He’s totally right. Why didn’t Congress and W. Bush overthrow Roe v. Wade when they had the chance in 2000? I guess they weren’t willing to let go of their one issue voters just yet.

  • America’s hardworking waiters and waitresses deserve this most basic protection of their wages. Often times they are paid low hourly wages and expected to earn the rest of their income from tips. The problem is that tips aren’t always a guaranteed, steady income and depending on various factors can fluctuate wildly. The IRS makes an estimate of how much service-sector workers will make in tips, and taxes them on it even if the taxpayer did not actually earn as much as the IRS’ estimate!

  • Ron Paul even wants to stop the taxing on waitresses tips.Paul introduced the Tax Free Tips Act of 2011 in March. the amount of a tip usually depends on how well an employee satisfies a client. Ron Paul said the amount of taxes one pays increases along with the size of tip, taxing tips punishes workers for doing a superior job.”

  • This is a complicated subject because some women are made pregnant against their will, and should have the right to self defence. There are laws saying a person killing a child by asaulting the mother has committed murder, but if that same mother pays someone to kill the child it not murder. Murder is a State law. Much more progress can be made saving children one State at a time. A federal law makes it possible for other federals laws we will not like. The Constitutional approach is best.

  • The last time Americans felt united in anger was 9-11-2001 towards an enemy that attacked us. There are two things that could unite us in that way again: another terrorist attack on our soil, or the idea that we look at our own government and the apathy on our part that BROUGHT ABOUT all the things we are upset about. Don’t blame government without realizing that you put them there.

  • It really comes down to trust. Even if it means looking beyond party lines. Maybe we cannot label Ron Paul. Maybe he is really good at reminding us all of how much we agree.

  • What can I say? I agree with every word Ron Paul says. That’s more than I can say for the other heads on suits with dollar $ign$ in their eyes.
    We the people in a Ron Paul revolution must destroy the all-seeing eye of the pyramid!
    It is our duty to fight for good against evil. Godspeed to the White House, Dr. Paul 🙂