Ron Paul at the Personhood USA Pro-Life Presidential Forum

  • sorry was just wondering how he is doing better than i think… as what i think is based on fact and not rumor, supposition, and violent political fervor…

    dude.. he’s lost the race… the only people who don’t know that are fools like you and ronny boy himself…

  • speaking of laughing at you fools… super tuesday has come and gone… paul still hasn’t carried a single state, and has managed to push his total delegate count up to 9…

  • Gov. Bob McDonnell just went from VP short list to shit list for his support of anti-choice, trans vaginal probe ultrasound legislation in Virginia. All it took was for the people to protest. We can beat these religious bigots and stop them from forcing their “morals” on the rest of us. Keep abortion and contraception safe and legal, a Catholic for Choice!


  • will be busy laughing at you fools until paul’s bitter concession speech! ;p

  • yeah! people like me just follow a broad range of news media that all say exactly the same thing… paul is losing his ass , but too stubborn or stupid–much like you–to admit it…

  • Ron Paul is doing much better than you think. People like you just look at the numbers that CNN, FOX News, etc. tell you are the delegate totals. well.. they are not true. Also, it is strange that all of the primaries/caucuses show reports of voter fraud.. don’t you think? RON PAUL 2012!

  • I have a new concept to replace “personhood”, “cunthood”. Although “personhood” i.e. the concept that a fertilized egg is a complete human being entitled to human rights is easily disproved, “cunthood”, the concept that Evangelical, ring wing, Republicans were cunts from the moment of conception is definitely true.

  • so vote for the loser if you like, keeps you from having a real effect… thank god!

  • you must be one of those idiots who can’t read the constitution… if you are a felon, a naturalized citizen, a citizen of another country, or under 35 you are not allowed to run for president—-hmm that’s not everyone by a longshot ass… but now the margin of ronny boy’s loss stands at a ratio of 22:1 without a single first place finish… hell even the frothy mixture of lube and feces that is sometimes the by product of anal sex managed one first place… how’s your boy doing?

  • You must be one of the sheep herd I’ve heard so much about… please educate yourself on macroeconomic and monetary economic theory, before you spew that garbage. Everyone is entitled to run for election, and to vote for said election however they please.

    Ron Paul 2012.

  • oh for five… yeah go paul, go back to texas and quit wasting our time… 87 votes to 4, that’s losing by a 22:1 ratio… go paul go! go out on buy a clue!

  • Through all of W’s terms, the Republicans had control of both houses. Google it. There’s no excuse for not stopping it when you had the chance.

  • Through all of W’s terms, the Republicans had control of both houses. Google it. There’s no excuse for not stopping it when you had the chance.

  • Go, Ron, GO!

  • sorry i just want to know, where exacly did i lose my “human essence”?

  • oh sorry…

    for those left out, this is the message you sent to me personally…

    “Not taking the bait anymore,and I’m through trading insults. I’ll cut to the chase one last time…if your heart is too hardened to realize that abortion is murder,( and no spin you put on it will change that fact) then there is nothing else for me to state. If your mindset doesn’t change then you lose, along with your human essence. Have a nice life, I’m out”

  • i keep wondering… just when are we going to see your mythical exit from the argument… i mean you’ve only claimed that you won’t answer reasonable questions based on your beliefs and that somehow i am wrong in my belief (though you seem to be having a very hard time showing that) while claiming that you will not be responding any further… when was that going to happen then?

  • just wondering jackass… did you enter the debate with that same feeling? our paradigms are all set and rigid… or did you come to that conclusion after you got handed your ass on a platter? personally i’m thinking second option and hopes of saving face… but since you won’t be defending your idiocy i guess the world will never know…

  • “there was nothing misinformative in the “Silent Scream” docu”
    Science says otherwise.
    “We’re talking human personhood”
    No, we’re talking about under what circumstances do beings deserve inherent rights under the constitution. You have yet to establish a reason for it and if you’re going to apply rights to non-sentient beings, then other sentient animals come into play. it’s logical.
    “your heroes in the abortion industry”
    I never mentioned any heroes. More red herrings.