Ron Paul Votes against Debt Ceiling Increase

  • Next time Mr. Romney talks about how quickly he will close the borders with Mexico if he gets sworn in office as President…Ron Paul should interupt with…

    “WOW, Mr Romney, Correct me if I am wrong, but is it not true that your family and direct ancestors benefited from an open border with Mexico…Firstly, your family fled to Mexico when they were persecuted for their faith in the USA…Then after a few generations living in Mexico your Father moved back to the USA…made possible BECAUSE of an OPEN border policy? Now you would close that border…Even to members of your own family who still live in Mexico!!!”

  • omg i would love to have a constition signed by Ron Paul

  • Every time the limit is raised…I have to buy another firearm.

  • Ron Paul is the flagship of American Values.

  • Now if we could keep internet freedom, and maybe even get our bill of rights back…… am I hoping for too much Go Ron Paul ,one of the few who aren’t traitors in our government,the people who have voted to diminish our bill of rights should be hung as traitors

  • Wow, I guess Ron Paul will need to get rid of one more Government department – Goldman Sachs, LMAO.

  • Wow, I guess Ron Paul will need to get rid of one more Government department – Goldman Sachs, LMAO.

  • Go PAUL

  • I need one of the signed copy of the constitution by Ron Paul – RON PAUL 2012

  • USA…. Must die… for the world… to have a good time.. usa… IS THE PIECE OF SHIT.. OF THE WORLD..

  • CNN… Cannot,,,, News,,,, Nutered,,, Asshole USA,,, fucking … burn all of you

  • It says a lot that the anti Ron Paul comments are all written with the skill of a 2 year old monkey

    ron paul or should i say NUTCASE. this nutcase wanna take us back to 1776. he knows nothing about today world nuclear weapons or the real war on terror. if we let iran get the bomb then millions of people are gonna die in the middle east. im glad mitt is gonna get the nom cuz if ron paul gets it. then the world without the U.S protecting our allies is gonna be destroy. OBAMA 2012

  • Oh man where can I get a RP signed constitution?

  • Obama doesn’t care, he’ll sign himself an executive order and get everything done himself! Seriously though, vote RON PAUL and we wont have to raise the debt ceiling ever again.

  • Don’t put all your hopes in Ron Paul. He is only one man. Every one of you have the power within yourselves to fix this problem. All you have to do is encourage libertarians in your state to run for state office. Get them elected and the states will take back their sovereignty, they will take back their power to protect you from the tyrants who have taken control of the corrupt federal government. In Texas, Debra Medinna would be the one to support. In CT Peter Schiff would of been be the one.

  • IF SOPA/PIPA gets passed, RON PAUL will go to jail for making copies of the constitution.
    GOD//JESUS 2012

  • Ron Paul is amazing! He is my hero! It is sad, I am an American and I often just fish around and ask neighbors and friends if they know who Ron Paul is. The most common response is….”Isn’t he that crazy dangerous man on TV?” It breaks my heart knowing that the media is killing Ron Paul. I am spreading the word in my town, and you should 2 for the sake of a once great Country that fell to the wealthy.

  • Believes it.
    Says it.
    Does it.

    Ron Paul 2012