Ron Paul: We Must STOP Raising the Debt Ceiling!

  • why is it on this site every top comment has to have profanity in it? Is this what Ron Paul is about, if so, time for me to go another way I guess. I really thought Ron was against the profanity but if I am wrong I will have to find another to support! You see what damage the ones that can only use profanity is now causing! I don’t wish to trust someone that can only use profanity without care for others…


  • If all else fails

  • they’re going to cut 1 trillion dollars over 10 years, but they are about to raise the debt ceiling by another trillion dollars in the space of 6 months? sounds logical!

  • Love dr. Paul!!

  • That’s DOCTOR Paul to you. 🙂

  • Serious question, what does it take to impeach a president? Isn’t the NDAA enough to get Obama convicted of treason or something? wtf? We need to get Ron Paul in ASAP. Think about how often this debt ceiling is being raised, if we wait til November for Paul to get in, we will have a deeper hole to dig ourselves out of. I am getting nervous hearing of all this stuff going on like it will be worse than the Great Depression…

  • Either Obama or Romney watched this.

  • Balls of steel

  • Ron Paul the only congressman with balls.

  • When will people start to listen?

  • When dr paul becomes the next potus could we at least borrow president paul as our honorary president for say a month or two each year as we gradually purge our disgusting third world asian government.

  • Pray for Obama, Psalm 109:8

    Psalm 109:8 “Let his days be few; and let another take his office.”

  • Stop Ron Paul 2012 “ing and go do something about it.

    90%+ people don’t vote. Go find 1 , educate them on Paul and then DRAG them to go vote.
    People on the web are exposed to the truth and we know Ron Paul is the only Honest man on that stage. You need to go wake up someone that will not be voting. In fact , 1 a week ,is that too much?

    If Ron Paul’ers went and educated NonVoters and then DROVE them to the caucus to vote. Then , Ron Paul WILL get elected.

    RON PAUL 2012

  • like a Boss

  • VOTE RON PAUL!!!!!!!! …or kiss america goodbye

  • Dear Ron Paul: You are the only courageous politician I know who says exactly as he sees it. You are the only hope for America to retrieve itself from nearly hopeless situation going forward. Therefore, please do not give up your bid to become president of this great nation. Fight as an independent candidate if you fail to get GOP nomination. You will be truly representing the people of America who are unhappy with both parties.


  • At what point will we finally realize that we have no easy choices when it comes to our debt problem? We just have to stop spending! If we have to cut into the military empire, the ponzi scheme entitlement programs, then we have to do it! Lets not wait for a dollar collapse!

    and let the Obama family pay it out of their own pockets – since they obviously think that money grows on trees in their backyard – right !?

  • To all of those who will not vote for Ron Paul. It is not about what’s wrong or right about our country… it is about liberty and freedom. I welcome all comments on this page or my channel. Who does not want freedom? who does not want liberty to choose his own way? I welcome the conversation. If you think Ron Paul is not worthy of being the President of the United States. Let’s talk. Crockett

  • What’s this 3 mins bullshit??? Why can’t they make it 5 mins? Is there more something more important then raising he debt ceiling???? Great speech Ron Paul! You got my vote no matter how MSM tries to discredit you!!! RON PAUL 2012 OR WE ARE DOOMED!!!