Ron Paul: We Must STOP Raising the Debt Ceiling!

  • “God, I would take a Bullet for this Man.. Ron Paul 2012!” Someone make a T-shirt! Many will buy it!
    ( kaminoneh ) Good comment!

    I would also take a bullet for this man.


  • Newt Gingrich while in the House voted to increase the debt ceiling in 1981 (H.R. 1553), 1983 (H.J. RES. 308), 1984 (H.R. 5953), 1985 (H.J. RES. 372), 1987 (H.J. RES. 324), twice in 1989 (H.R. 3024; H.J. RES 280), and twice in 1990 (H.R. 5350; H.J. RES. 681).

    Rick Santorum while in the Senate voted to increase the debt ceiling in 1997 (H.R. 2015), 2002 (S. 2578), 2003 (H.J. Res. 51), 2004 (S. 2986), and 2006 (H.J. Res. 47).

    Ron Paul never voted to increase the debt ceiling. Ron Paul 2012!!

    RON PAUL 2012

  • fatty gave him 30 seconds


  • God bless Dr.Ron Paul the future president of the U.S

  • Ron Paul will be a president of the United States Of America!

  • Excellent speech….Go Ron Paul!!!!

  • A truly honourable man making absolute sense, please please America wake up and vote for this man!

  • Its no coincidence that the NDAA repealing posse comitatus has just been passed. Shit is about to get real.

  • Ron Paul is 100% correct! We need to STOP RAISING THE DEBT LIMIT and STOP SPENDING! We as a nation are committing financial suicide! Ron Paul 2012!

  • Who’s the guy that’s giving him time?

  • Went all the way back to Washington DC to speak for 3 minutes, just to get a point across; what an honorable man.

  • How bout the 1 person that didn’t like this clip. Romney shouldn’t be on YouTube.

  • And to quote Super Troopers… “Not so funny meow, is it?”. People should have to take a test of competency to vote!!! So retarded Amerikastanians don’t run us all into a ditch!!

  • The general public is so brainwashed. All the majority care about is what’s to watch on TV and porn. Most people don’t even understand their $ is become worth less day by day, or that pretty soon their food stamps won’t buy them shit. We are all gonna be doomed cuz of RETARDS!!

  • If America votes for Mitt Romney, the third fucking puppet in a row, then they fucking deserve it!
    Cmon America, be smart for once please. The whole world depends on your decisions. You cannot afford being ignorant right now!

  • This election should be a no brainer RON PAUL!!! How can anyone even have to debate that? RETARDS! Eat some more paint chips! Obama took Bushes ball and ran with it, Mitt will too. WW3. We all die!

  • Look sheeple, last exit on the interstate before you drive off cliff. Ron Paul Way in 3 miles. But these dumbasses are gonna drive right on by. Retards!!!

  • America are you going to live on your knees as slaves OR die on your feet like freemen? Vote Ron Paul!

  • People say how can we vote Ron Paul. I say how can you not?