Ron Paul 2012: A Peaceful Revolution

  • I tell the sheep time and time again, when you vote for a fucking pinhead and he gets office and fucks shit up like usual, which leaves you bitching and complaining, just remember I VOTED FOR RON PAUL….and then I tell them to remember these words: I TOLD YA SO!!! When will they wake up?!

    Pink Floyd’s 1977 album “Animals” pretty much sums up this country, which is sad because that albums sounds like it could be put out today. Give it a listen. Great album.


  • song?

  • I hope he gets elected for president! He seems pretty chill and I think he’ll be a good one too. -From an Aussie (Australian)

  • I hope he gets elected for president! He seems pretty chill and I think he’ll be a good one too. -From an Aussie (Australian)

  • Vote for Ron Paul
    From England

    P.S Check his blood before voting, no link to the bloodlines

  • Ron Paul should be President but we all know that its not going to happen. The Elite wont allow him to be President. He’s too smart and too socially aware. The media here in Australia barely mention Ron Paul. The only two channels on T.V that mention anything decent is ABC24 and SBS. I would love nothing more than to have this man President of the U.S but its up to the people. But sadly we failed to educate the next generation, the generation of I DONT GIVE A SHIT…



  • GO Ron Paul!!!!!!!!

  • Why is Ron Paul losing? Wake up, you need him to restore America!!

  • From Australia: PLEASE SUPPORT RON PAUL. It’s extremely important for him to become elected. The other candidates are extremists (Santorum), indecisive (Romney), or dishonest and shady (Gingrich & Romney). Ron Paul is the only consistent conservative but the Zionist media machine will destroy anyone that stands up to Obama. Please, my mates and I pray Americans wake up. This decision affects the world.

  • 1. Register for Republican party 12 weeks before the primary.
    2. Vote for Ron Paul, 2012 President of the United States
    3. Save America.

  • So he’s guided upon the spirit and ideals of the father’s, and he would adhere to and defend the 10 supreme laws of the land. Yep, Ron Paul=The messiah.

  • Everyone share this video with your friends we need to get this message out!

  • Holy shit, this is the most amazing political commercial I’ve ever seen. I will do everything in my ability to support Ron Paul.

  • Ron Paul ROX!!! Brasil like’s this libertariam.

  • Ron Paul is a true. My very first hero. A vote for Ron Paul is a step closer to getting our freedom back. A Vote for anyone else is a vote for idiocy and a vote where you want to keep the government corrupted.

  • Everyone who watches Ron Paul videos already wants him so spread the word to your friends, because most elections are popularity contests. Make this for liberty and security.

  • WHY DOES THIS VIDEO ONLY HAVE 50k VIEWS!!!! should have millions.. everybody press the LIKE Button to share with your friend!

  • Ron Paul 2012, wish i lived in America so I could vote Ron Paul, from Australia