Ron Paul 2012: A Peaceful Revolution

  • Loved the quick flash of the founding fathers and talking about constitutional authority when they were breaking the constitution left and right…barbary wars, louisiana purchase…creating all of the problems we have today like going into debt with europe to lend weight to the single currency forced on states…making it so DC can take on states debt to keep power in Washington, creating national banks, controlling currency.

    Libertarians, living in a fantasy world.

  • Everyone: post this to facebook. NOW!

  • This makes me want to get out of my bedroom. Move to America and vote for Ron Paul. Wake up people! This man is the most genuine politician that I’ve come across. ‘you can’t be so blind of patriotism than to not face reality’. Come on, we all know what happens to empires/ world super powers. Ron Paul could have a very excellent chance changing America for the better good. There’s no such thing as liberation in moderation.

  • Jesuits will not let ron paul win. the election is only a show. before you dislike this comment. do a little research first. we are being played.



  • I have two democrats in my family… registered anyways…I am a registered”Blue Republican” to vote and support, Ron Paul, 2012, whats sad is they voted Obama, and I have talked them into voting for Ron, but only if he is Nominated, Since Nevada is a caucus state, Only registered (R) can vote in the FEB 4 convention…2012 Will be my first voting year, I am 19.

  • what other hope do we far he is the only one that has obviously spoken truth!..whether u believe he is racist or not (another of the media’s or enemies made up stories),,u gotta vote people,,don’t just complain your asses and say nah this country ain’t gonna’s because of people like this that the country is also mess up.

  • Don’t just wait to write Ron Paul in, vote in your states primary so you can get him on the ticket and you wont need a write in. Register as a republican if your state has a closed primary, be sure to do it ahead of time, each state has different rules about this look it up!

  • ron paul is the best thing that could happen to your country

  • 2012 Presidential Election

    [ ] Barrack Obama

    [✓] Ron Paul

    if Ron Paul doesnt win the election im moving somewhere else outside USA …he is our only hope 🙂

  • this seriously inspired me….

  • This constant spending wont work anymore when d= are people going to learn that saving the world isn’t possible without have a strong finnacial back. People are dumbasses who want romney or gingrich to win. YOu guys dont know politics you just want to hug trees and be friends with everyone even the guy with a bomlb on his chest


  • great man

  • great man

  • Racist or not HE WILL SAVE US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this is crazy-well done.

  • This is freaky as hell… -_-‘

  • (I am posting videos like these about Ron Paul over facebook, twitter, tumblr, and google+. If you are not old enough to vote, a good way to help is to share videos like this all over the internet, this IS our last chance.)

  • A riot is no longer a riot when the goal is clear and the importance is understood. It then becomes a revolution.

  • im startin a riot if ron paul doesnt win.