Ron Paul at the College of Charleston

  • South Carolina Paulsters, get out there on the street and make some noise!!!! Get the vote out!!! Our country is depending on it. RONPAUL 2012!!


  • This Aussie for Ron Paul.

  • I’m from the UK and I’m saying to you Yanks. ‘Vote Ron paul, save yourselves’.

  • America is sick and Dr. Ron Paul has the cure.. He’s been trying to heal this country for decades.. Please let him!!

  • Over 1300 thumbs up so far, and only 5 dislikes! Imagine, if the thuggish media had been fairer, he’d get 75% of the votes, at least.

  • americans,please dont fuck this up !!! this is your is counting on u.

    ron paul 2012 !

  • It is such a breath of fresh air to hear a potential leader challenge the people to get them to understand that they themselves must also change along with their leaders. We have to change ourselves as well as who we put in power.

    We have the chance to elect a man capable of leading on many different levels. A leader who our friends and allies also respect.

    He has my vote.

    Ron Paul 2012!!!

    Restore American Now!!


    Ron Paul 2012

  • I’m from Russia and I say we need that kind of politician in our country. You US citizens are blessed to have this man. Now go and prove that you are worthy of him.

  • Ron Paul is addressing issues that need to be fixed in this country, while on the bottom of the video,it says president Obama will address tourism and travel. What does that tell you?

  • He spoke more than he ever had in one hour than the actual debate… he was only asked maybe 5 questions at least there!

  • I liked the 4th question very much. What a beautiful person. I applaud her.

  • Great speech! Great Q & A! Ron Paul you are my hero!

  • Search ‘ASS Industries’ on facebook, we’re supporting Ron Paul!!! Best of luck!

  • Poland supports Ron Paul!!

  • Damn if we have a leader as Ron Paul in Canada we have better Federal Goverment.

  • I am beginning to fear that Ron Paul will soon be treated as irrelevant in this race. He needs to win a primary and then keep winning. Him just staying in the race is not going to do anything if Romney keeps winning.

  • RonPaulRonPaul____RonPaulRonPa­­­­­­­­­ul____RonPaul____RonPa­u­l­R­o­n­P­a­u­l





  • Ron Paul tells it like it is!!He is a true American!!!

  • Jeff Haynen

    Ron Paul for President. As a Canadian, I completely support your campaign. You seem to be the last breath of reason in US politics.