Ron Paul at the College of Charleston

  • I’m voting for Ron Paul


  • I don’t agree with every policy Ron Paul has but he in easily the only candidate I respect as a person.

  • All I have to say is there is 3 runners up there saying the same old shit and 1 that is not,If America wants change then vote Ron Paul if you want the same old shit vote for any of the others,I don’t care what you decide so don’t message me I voting Ron Paul or I’m not voting.

  • Imagine this Imagine that,, Back To Reality A PRESIDENT IS NOT IN CHARGE OF A COUNTRY, He only represents it.The President is still a puppet of The Global Elite with their Manipulative and Disorder bringing Currency & Ego Systems/Structures. Just like a low ranking cop and the President are… People should Really look further then they are looking now. Do you really think that they would let someone be a President who is Peacefull person against War Death and Destruction and Corrupt Banks..>?

  • Huge crowd! I wish I could have been there.
    Go Ron Paul !!!

  • it’s beautiful how Ron Paul brings people together. his message of liberty is welcoming.

  • Sending LOVE to South Carolina.
    To all the good people there, get out and VOTE!
    Now is not the time for apathy.
    Do you want more of the SAME lies and establishment,
    Do you want to send your sons and daughters to war,
    while 3 men have never served their country?
    Vote for the veteran and the fighter for your rights….
    Ron Paul 2012

  • im voting ron paul even if he doesn’t make the nominee or if he doesn’t run as an independent

  • guess what bitches… ron paul aint gonna win

  • I hope Ron runs as an independent if he does not receive the republican nomination. Ron Paul 2012!

  • Ron Paul 2012 from Buffalo NY!!!!! Save our freedom and liberties!

  • oh crap, i thinkk i broke the like button 🙁

  • oh crap, i thinkk i broke the like button 🙁

  • When Ron got on the stage and everyone was wooing i was too

  • I love Ron Paul (no homo)

  • It appears to me that the Republican Party is behind a conspiracy to diffuse Ron Paul’s campaign. Ron Paul did too well in Iowa and New Hampshire to be ignored.
    I think its funny that Ron Paul is no longer looked at as an “irrelevant loon” but rather now a “dangerous animal”.
    We will ultimately get an establishment Neo-Con, and have to select between a lessor of just 2 evils, as usual.
    Vote your conscience in the Primaries. Reject the Establishment. You get one of their guys in the end

  • Sweden for Ron Paul!

  • Ron Paul for Australian PM!

  • May allah bless Ron paul.He is the right candidate to be the next president.Peace no war.

  • Who was the rock star in campus?