Ron Paul at the College of Charleston

  • I hope America will wake up and listen to this man rather than jump to irrational conclusions just because idiots on Fox News are saying it.

  • He might look old but he is so pumped and ready to go and cracking jokes and just having fun speaking the truth!

  • Ron Paul is NOT dead. Stupid immature retards. Vote Down anything having to do with RIP Ron Paul. It’s fake and disrespectful. RP 2012!


  • one guy yells out this is going on my facebook lol

  • one guy yells out this is going on my facebook lol

  • R.I.P You will be missed

  • R.I.P You will be missed

  • OBAMA 2012!

  • Actuakly about half of what Ron Paul says makes great sense. The rest is complete nonsense. Trouble is neither he or his followers have any clue which half is which.

  • Lipratarians are people who will tell you in one breath that paper money desn’t have any value and in the next they complane about the deficits. I haven’t found too many will sign over theyr paychecks tho.

  • You ever notice that almost all RP fans are at the stage in life where they’re old enohg to think they know everything but not old enough to find out they don’t?

  • Ron Paul dont even expects to win. But which candidat he throws his support to? He don’t have the balls to run as libratarian when he fails to get the GOP nomination. Who knows. Much as Americans hate the Al Green imitatror from Kenya and the traitors hate the GOP Ron Paul could get support from both parties and trianglate his way into the Presidency. He does have the most dedicated followers. But aint got the balls. Come Nov RP fans will fall in line behind Newt at the voting both. Big mouths.

  • I like how he mentioned Cuba. That country has been completely screwed by the US because the blockade even blocked Food and medicine imports. Still they sent 16,000 doctors to third world countries. That country doesn’t deserve to be blockaded from the world. Every year the world votes to lift the blockade, US and Israel vote to keep it, 179 other countries vote to lift the sanctions on Cuba. Blockade on Cuba is not needed.

  • If Ron Paul isn’t are president then we might be screwed in the near future.

  • California endorses Ron Paul for president 2012

  • Ron Paul is America’s last political opportunity for the people to regain control of their government and/or country, in other words the last political chance! Time to wake up and do what-ever it takes and get him threw the Republican primaries. This may require riding rough shot over crony media and massive election fraud; stop talking and start doing or it will be too late.

  • Hello bucket list:meet Mr. Doctor Ron Paul.

  • Lithuania endorses Ron Paul for president of the United States.

  • I’m voting for Ron Paul too. I’m in agreement with him on the issues.
    I think he’ll kick some ass and take names in California (June primary) on most of the issues (income taxes, drug criminalization, illegal immigration, big gov’t and national defense). Opening up military bases in California again would be something else.

  • My usual attention span is 20 min. when I saw this was over 50 min, I was like…hmm I’ll just listen 20 min and go on to other videos lol, but surprisingly I was drawn to watch till the end x_ X