Ron Paul at the College of Charleston

  • I find it strange that every one of Ron Paul’s events at South Carolina were filled beyond capacity, yet Gingrich had to cancel numerous arrangements due to the lack of attendance, yet he still won the nomination by a landslide?



  • if ron paul is so popular why has he not won.are they cheating him?

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  • The American young grads raising the intelligence ceiling for the conditioned Ron Paul 2012 and beyond

  • I think if he was alive back then he would have been a founding father! RON PAUL 2012!

  • The only Republican candidate who doesn’t ban comments on his Youtube videos. Says quite a bit.

  • “We love you Dr. Paul!”
    I’ve never heard anyone say that to a politician before this man. Not even to Ronald Reagan. And people say it all the time to Dr. Paul. That speaks volumes.

  • R[3vol]ution

  • Why is that everyone on the Internet shouting ”Ron Paul 2012” but he only got 16.57% vote?

  • ron paul for freedom♪♭◎○☆◇□△

  • Anyone else think that it’s an adorable old man trait of Ron Paul never remembering the name of SOPA?

  • I think that in 100 years (if Ron Paul’s elected) he might be looked back upon as someone Historical if he can accomplish what he says

  • Ron Paul is a true American hero. I honestly believe that.

  • You get what you give. If our representatives are lazy, ignorant, arrogant, and misinformed remember their role as representative. They represent. College kids are almost the lowest caliber of human anyway. They never truly made decisions or sacrificed much. Leadership requires courage and strength. A leader would like for his sacrifice to be at least appreciated.