Watch the Full CNN Southern Republican Debate in South Carolina

CNN and Southern Republican Debate
Charleston, SC

Participants: Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum

  • santorum just picks on the other three, and doesn’t offer any solid solutions
    romney is a pure buisnessman
    gingrich only tells how great america was during the reagan-era, but wth did HE actually do to enable that?
    ron paul is pretty good, he knows what he’s talking about, but can’t deliver it as good as romney or gingrich.
    obama pretty much ruined “change”, and now america apparently wants something stable and safe.
    sadly, those two reasons will destroy ron pauls chances 🙁


  • Fuck illegal aliean go back home. And fuck u self.

  • Rand Paul 2016

  • Fuck santorum

  • Legalize the constitution. Vote Ron Paul!

  • Sorry to say it, but those racist crackers in SC could only vote for Gingrich. All you have to do down there is use code words that let them old school racists know that he has their back. They are a sad lot, when they overlooked what was real for what is pandering. In the end, they will get nothing but closed plants and more unemployment. Look at the age of the attendees at the debate, the racist generation who to this very day hate non-whites. Patsy’s for the 1% always have been. sorry

  • I like Ron Paul but his trillion dollar cut in entitlements will be genocidal. If Obama is the food stamp president as they put it, then how can Paul cut that aid? Our grandparents would suffer, children would suffer, hell we all would. 1:6 people are in food fear. No one deserves to starve when so much is thrown away in the so-called richest nation.

  • Ron Paul 2012! Vote For him!

  • Protecting Obama? Okay… whatever.

  • The intro for this debate looks like a shitty reality TV intro. American politics is a fucking joke, none of it is real, just a theater show.

  • For what its worth I sincerely hope you Americans vote for Gingrich. Greetings from London.

  • Does anyone believe anything Newt says? This is a career Washington man who is an awesome debater who only ever says what we knows wants to be heard. Who has ever disagreed on this point? His skill is not doubted, but his integrity certainly is. May those less stupid than the people of South Carolina refuse to cow-tow to one who must certainly ridicule them off-camera.

  • OK so now we see why Gingritch has traction: people are naive and nostalgic for the Reagan era. He has had you believe that he is a modern Reaganite, as if it meant anything. He knows what you want to hear and he is even better at telling it. Newt Gingritch is exactly what Americans hate about America: a politician who carefully delivers a message to satisfy his immediate political requirements. Wake the fuck up.

  • ron paul all the way

  • ron paul vs. obama is like hoping to see the mayweather and pacquia fight

  • Read Jeremy Rifkins “The European Dream” guys… eye-opening.

  • 1:14:29 – OMG… do you americans know *anything* about Europe? Our social welfare states are fucking awesome and they do work. Overall quality of living is way higher, as well as education, renewable energy, health care, etc. etc. United States of Europe FTW !

  • E N D
    T H E
    F E D

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  • E N D
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  • Romney or Santorum for the win!