Watch the Full CNN Southern Republican Debate in South Carolina

CNN and Southern Republican Debate
Charleston, SC

Participants: Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum

  • I am Canadian. I do not feel that I am biased towards either party but the sheer amount of rhetoric was staggering. It’s funny how “the 3” as I call them, argue about nothing and agree more or less on policy. Regardless of what “the poles” say, Ron Paul is the only one talking sense.


  • Obama Care- Let’s see – if get sick, like cancer, My Insurance Can’t Drop me, my kid’s can’t be turn away untill they turn 24, Hmmmm…So under the GOP they will let Insurance companies take away our Insurance at any time, raise prices as much as they want I don’t get it….

  • Ginrich is a pig, the sad part about that there are people who is behind him. Romney-Santorum, you need to wake and remember, that it was the Replicans who put in this mess were in. All you want do is go to war De-regulate everything “oop’s” that’s Bush Did, so your going to take us back to the Bush era. “Oop’s you did it again”

  • I don’t know much about US Politics. When will we know who the Final Republican Presidential Candidate is for the 2012 US Presidency will be? What month/date!? Elections are in November, it is almost February!!! Seems too Hectic from my point of view!!!

  • Very UNFAIR to Ron Paul…Clearly seen.

  • RON PAUL Always get’s the biggest applause haha… It’s like a Rock concert when he walks on stage. RON PAUL 2012!!!!

  • Sorry Romney, the polls show that Americans so want Obama care and the facts show that taxes have remained low for the rich as they were under Bush, and for the middle class it is EVEN LOWER. These guys completely make up a picture of American and Obama that is simply not factual.

  • Exactly how has Obama attacked capitalism? These guys are making up a ficticious person that they think is sitting in the white house.

  • ron paul isnt going to win, and never had a chance… get over it you squares

  • Young people are the FUTURE. All the OLD people who dont have much more time left want everything their way. Get over it. This country HAS to change. We cannot live like this. And Romney? Fakest idiot ive ever heard. Are you people that “like” him seriously sane in the head?!

  • Illegal’s have all the jobs in California. Government jobs and all jobs. If your an american, U won’t get a job.

  • ABC is a very PRO-Fagget and Obama.

  • CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NPR, Islamists, want Obama 2 win

  • explained but evan better Daily blogs Facebook twitter, witch is awesome by the way:) YouTube independent journalism online news papers and foreign news and much much more
    We have the gift to channel information
    Latter crazy Ron Paul fans keep up the good work
    Generations bitch but we be reading again now there scared hahaha 2012 baby

  • The vas majority of young people take to dr Ron Paul. Do to the fact that they are more expectable to the Internet, which for the older generations are not. Do to differences
    Older are more prone to television land
    So there dose of the world as we know it complies of networks such as CNN abc fox and msnbc witch we all know are corporations(fyy) CNN is owned by wal mart.
    Any who, the young have the ability to channel information WRR World Renowned Recourses such as Media witch i already explai

  • John king is a ass hole

  • Good on the crowd for basically forcing CNN to actually ask the only Dr. on stage the medical questions! It’s mind blowing in all these debates that Ron Paul almost never gets medical questions.

  • Agreed leave it up to the states

  • Abortion is still a political debate in America?…LMAO. I think that country has other problems besides human choice !!!!!

  • I guess the GOP debate has wound down to an episode of South Park:
    Mitt Romney = Kyle
    Rick Santorum = Stan
    Ron Paul = Kenny
    Newt Gingrich= Cartman