Watch the Full CNN Southern Republican Debate in South Carolina

CNN and Southern Republican Debate
Charleston, SC

Participants: Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum

  • Talking alone is NOT gonna help Dr. Paul win. YOU gotta take action. Get out there and VOTE. I’m military and I already sent it my absentee ballot in the mail. If I can vote from afar, so can you. Get up and fight! Ron Paul 2012!!


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    IF I WAS MITT ROMNEY I would ignore everybody else and tell Newt Gingrich he’s a fat ass, BIG MAC eating bastard who don’t deserve to breathe the same air as me and the rest of America.

    IF I WAS NEWT GINGRICH, I would ignore Mitt Romney and tell Ron Paul that his father is a cross dressing fag who once appeared on The Jerry Springer Show, and his mother gives free blow jobs on the corner of Santa Monica BLVD.

  • holy crap…. gingrich is a house!

  • holy crap…. gingrich is a house!

  • Dude, don’t any of you vote repub. Look at them praise Steve Jobs. The guy with the company that goes to China to make them work 35 hours a stretch, and use chemical agents that give them nerve disorders.

  • woah at least Wolf Blitzer allows the people to cheer and boo! Holy cow was that NBC debate dry last week.

  • damn rick abolished newt on this debate lol

  • damn rick abolished newt on this debate lol

  • what’s wrong with our european wellfare state? LOL

  • what’s wrong with our european wellfare state? LOL

  • I feel so sorry for Ron. It is so obvious that he is the best; however, this is politics after all.

  • Romney



  • He’s a dufus!

  • pimpen newt

  • Ron Paul: genius, or super genius?

  • Ron Paul wants everyone to know that he is a DOCTOR! Ron’s a Doctor!!! You’all got that!?

  • Go Dominos

  • Go Dominos

  • I am Canadian. I do not feel that I am biased towards either party but the sheer amount of rhetoric was staggering. It’s funny how “the 3” as I call them, argue about nothing and agree more or less on policy. Regardless of what “the poles” say, Ron Paul is the only one talking sense.