Watch the Full CNN Southern Republican Debate in South Carolina

CNN and Southern Republican Debate
Charleston, SC

Participants: Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum

  • hey what the hell is with all this duck power your all DUCKS!!! hmmmmm did you bribe the duck spirit security guard at Sally’s to piss me off even more? I’m never angry enough no matter what, you know 🙂

  • ya the strongest military in the world? well the Lakota are here he he

  • Also, Ron Paul has influenced me to consider voting and attempt playing a part in this system. I can only hope he wins, and if I had to label myself if be liberal though truly who can subscribe 100% to any single party with so many different ideas. Can’t we think for ourselves?


  • Mitt Romneys short and adamant thoughts on creating a law in which abortion its illegal is unconstitutional in itself. not to mention mormons are supposed to believe in free will, what happened to that Mitt?!

  • Rick Santorum says fuck you my bad

  • 4:05 Paul says ” good to see you” mick says “and i know what for” then newt says out of the side of his mouth to ron paul ” fuck you”

  • Come on Warren, make a run for it.

  • Come on Warren, make a run for it.

  • Come on Warren, make a run for it.

  • Come on Warren, make a run for it.

  • Ron Paul’s major flaw at these debates is that he is not making a lot of noise. He makes a lot of sense but not much noise. The other nominees go back and forth taking the stage. At one point the mediator had commented about Ron’s lack of participation due to other candidates soaking up the attention.

    Also I was glad to see the candidates stood up to the bull shit questions in the beginning. I really don’t care about their life’s. I care about their ability to run the country.

  • After seeing these videos I refuse to watch CNN. If they are so obviously biased and don’t even hide it how can I trust them for other news? You kidding me? Fuk that I’m never watching them again.

  • So in America, debating is a gameshow, and they add music to it.

  • … sounds like Romney is promoting for military enrollment, and war…. am i crazy to think so?

  • Why did Rick Perry drop out!? He should have done this last final debate! Why the heck not!? Becuase he will unecessarily spend a lot of money and time!?

  • Great debate. Paul, Santorum, Gingrich, Romney.

  • Be the Americans I know you are…
    Vote for NEWT 2012
    Let’s get back to work!

  • Gingrich pledged to love his wife forever, and turned his back on the pledge through divorce. Then he continues to despise her and her actions on national television, tearing to shreds his promise, turning it all into lies, and making himself a son of the father of lies. How can anyone applaud or vote for such an evil, evil man?

  • Gingrich appalled that we would begin a presidential debate on someone’s faithfulness and ability to stand by a commitment? How does investigating someone’s lying, cheating and betrayal bar decent people from running for office? I suspect a bigger bar would be that Americans would boo a candidate for quoting the golden rule, and applaud people for further despising their once wife.

  • Why do these debates always want people to “tweet” comments ? Repubicans are busy working and paying taxes…. only Liberals use twitter.