Watch the Full CNN Southern Republican Debate in South Carolina

CNN and Southern Republican Debate
Charleston, SC

Participants: Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum

  • HAHAHAHA America either way YOU ARE FUKED.
    make your decision Gingrich a lunatic who wants to live on the moon
    romney big corporate boss who serves the wall street
    santorum huge benefactor from lobbyists
    obama the biggest liar living on planet earth.
    ron paul the only one who is making any sense but he is not going to win the nomination.
    i am so happy america is fucked =)


  • why do people watch this charade, its all a bunch of bullshit. The only one that may change things is ron paul. he speaks different. the rest are a bunch of puppets

  • OH also.. America, I have always adored you for your pride and love of freedom. If you want to protect your rights and the morals YOUR country was built on – Vote Ron Paul. ATLEAST DONT VOTE FOR SANTORUM!

  • Whenever I look at these videos, I always feel like Mitt Romney actually likes Ron Paul. He looks at him with a ” Wow.. you are really smart.. if it weren’t for these stupid corporations funding me, I would withdraw and support you”.

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!!

  • “What is your take on SOPA?”

    I say FUCK IT.

  • oh my word, didn’t expect these republicans to be against SOPA… what an eye-opener…

  • Its so obvious, everytime any camera crosses Dr. Ron Pauls section, suddenly it switches to another camera… Thats truely not fair, and all those bullshittin´ about who did what and why… c´mon, guys, keep it simple, talk about America not about how better you are than the other men there. Really, they are not yet realizing that the USA are in big trouble, its going down so get to work. Dr. Paul seems the only one to be prepared! Good luck America, Greetings from Austria

  • “I’m going to make obama the issue in this campaign”
    -Rick Santorum

  • “I’m going to make obama the issue in this campaign”
    -Rick Santorum

  • kind of ironic that an 800 year old man is the presidential candidate of choice for the younger generation lol

  • Man, I can’t stand Rick Santorum. He’s one bitter man.

  • Go Ron Paul! Newt, Santorum, and Mitt wont do anything but start more wars and more government and blah blah blah -_-.

  • 4:05 Paul says ” good to see you” mitt says “and i know what for” then Rick Santorum says “fuck you” to romney

  • DAMN paul is S-T-U-P-I-D that kick me to the niggers plot MUST have been his

  • A SOUND currency have you EVER studied economics?!

  • Corporations don’t run the media jackass actors run the media not ever doing dink

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  • were you an obgyn WHILE you were serving as senator???? or your about 400 years old…

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