Who Won the CNN Southern Republican Debate?

Who won the debate?

  • Ron Paul (93%, 5,954 Votes)
  • Newt Gingrich (4%, 287 Votes)
  • Rick Santorum (2%, 100 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (1%, 82 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,423

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  • u_go_guys

    Has Gingrich been excommunicated by the Catholic Church?

  • Concerned citizen

    I live in NC just North of SC we here what people say on the radio watch their local News and are actually friends with alot of them. Why do I have the feeling that something in the SC polls are not on the up and up. Well to be honest i think that there was some sort of fruad going on during the election the Senators and represenatives all support Paull down there the Governor is not really liked and she supports Romney But the reps and Senators who are well respected fiscal conseratives but according to the voting “numbers reported” Paul Was beaten by three other people when most really hate them in South Carolina just sounds fishy real fishy to me.

    • u_go_guys

      @Concerned citizen I think Gingrich will ultimately not fly, because, if for no other reason, Americans will not condone having a whore as first lady. Gingrich should withdraw because he is setting up his wife for severe, cruel, and public character assassination.

  • u_go_guys

    Kind of has a ring to it. President Chickenhawk and First Whore Callista!

    Too bad Gardasil is only for young folk. Too late for we oldsters anyway. Mistress Callista, does Newt always wear a condom? If not, be sure to get your annual PAP smear. Well, no matter, at least you will always have excellent health care.

    Gingrich rancor reminds me of my temperamental, drunken Dad: “Don’t cross me. I’ll bust your chops. If you call the police, I’lll kill you!

    Why Gingrich? Why not Paul? Aren’t you concerned for your Grandchilden?


  • Brian Barrett

    IT’s a sick and sad commentary.

    • u_go_guys

      @Brian Barrett Can you imagine, President Chickenhawk and First Whore Callista?

  • zuse000

    Sixty percent of SC voters call themselves either born again or evangelical Christians. What does it say when Newt gets wild applause for saying kill them, and Ron Paul gets booed for saying how about thinking about the Golden Rule?

    • u_go_guys

      @zuse000 Confused? Overwhelmed? Sheep?

  • ws6formulav8


    What I dont like is the fact that when I watch the news, I dont want there opinion. Seems like they cant just report the news, they have to put there two cents in, and it usually turns out just the opposite of what they say.

  • caspersmom

    Ron Paul can only win the election if he goes independent. Here’s why. It is obvious to me the Republican party is holding him back. Many democrats and independents would love to vote for Ron Paul but detest the Republican party. I mean seriously, look at the other candidates who are ‘ahead?’ of him. A smarmy businessman with money hidden in the Cayman Islands who answers questions with the sincerity of a snake oil salesman, a philandering penis with a good vocabulary and no scruples who abandons one wife with cancer and a second wife with MS, and finally a born again religious zealot who is a war monger. Why is Ron Paul even besmirching his image by associating with these losers. Independent is freedom from the shackles of the Republican party who obviously do not appreciate Dr. Paul. And as an independent, Dr. Paul will have no problem getting Democrat, Conservative and Independent votes. The Republican party is putting limits on a candidate who stands for freedom. Please go Independent, Dr. Paul, the country needs you to win.

  • memah4432

    New Poll released… Gives me some hope we can pull it out tomorrow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4IJYppcwds

    Ron Paul surges 5% in two weeks to make a run at South Carolina

  • TiffanyTrummer

    I think Dr Paul has the best of everything on all topics, he just never gets a chance to speak during debates, 1. he is too polite 2. they are afraid they won’t get the big ratings from not having a cat fight like they did last night and 3. they know he will win and they want to maintain control. My huge fear its that Romney will end up hooking up with Obama… we are totally in the out house then. If he doesn’t get the GOP I am writing him in. I am after all a Independent. I like to think what I want and find the facts. I believe in what Dr Paul is getting more and more people to think about. WHAT THIS COUNTRY IS SUPPOSED TO STAND FOR and that the thinning out of all our troops and money in foreign lands is making us weak and open for an attack. I am honestly surprised we have not had a civil war within our country, thankfully not yet anyhow.

    I would rather have a polite yet forceful president with morals and a belief system that is honorable and feels it is more important to speak the truth with nothing to lose because even though he is not perfect, after all he is human… he I believe will not back out and wish wash things once in office. He is not full of it and like Romney who will probably do to America like he has done to countless businesses, gut it and sell what can and toss aside what no one wants that is left. While I have seen some of Gingrich’s “movies” or Documentaries and think he has made valid points I also do not think he is the best choice because of his history. Now Santorum, I like that he brings real facts to the table and has the evidence to back it up. He would make a good vice president but I would rather see him win if not Paul… More morals and values! But last night was a circus for the media. Perhaps if they were more focused on being truthful and stop bashing each other and digging up dirt, real or not, that Obama can use against them there might be a chance, if Dr Paul doesn’t win.

    Let’s just pray Obama isn’t the last president this United States has and he doesn’t turn us into a New World Order member.

  • kraziekommy

    Haha, yeah. Here’s what they were probably thinking.


  • kraziekommy

    Haha, yea… here’s what they were probably thinking: