Senator Jim DeMint on Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy

  • DeMint = Demented! Oh, the Irony…

  • “make sure we can defend our intrests around the world” He slipped that in there at the end. Sounds to me like he’s playing both sides.

  • True conservatives have often had to “hold their nose” and vote for “the lesser of two evils” just because he had an “R” by his name. Hopefully this time we can get the neo-cons to hold their noses and vote for ROn Paul, who has an “R” by his name!


  • Please vote NOW in the Drudge Report presidential poll. Our lead is slipping fast. Winning that poll is like a free million dollar commercial.

  • Iowa and New Hamshire voting fraud cover up. Ron Paul won Iowa. The truth will come out very soon with video.

  • If Ron Paul doesn’t win 2012, there is really something wrong in the USA. It does’t make sense at all. Ron Paul is so populair, still the media try to controll peoples mind…. poor sheeps.

  • Where’s Jim DeMint’s endorsement of Ron Paul? Until he does that, then he’s not worthy. Besides he said “brokeback” 0:42 LOL

  • Progress has been made..

  • Okay guys some of us are being pretty harsh here. Yes he voted for the Patriot Act. But I’ll tell you what. If it were Jim DeMint running for President and not Ron Paul, I could vote for Jim DeMint and I can’t say that about any of the other candidates either present or past. He opposes the NDAA, has good talking points on foreign policy, is against SOPA. He’s no Ron Paul, but the chasm between DeMint and any of these other GOP contenders is gaping.

  • I remember reading a translation from Osama many years ago where he stated that he would draw the US into wars and bankrupt the american economy. That was how he was going to ruin the US.

  • There’s no way Ron Paul will win South Carolina. He’ll get 3rd at best. He’ll never win a primary. He’ll probably drop out after Florida.

  • demint started the recession!

  • tee hee, he said broke back.

  • Lol 301 to 312 I always am one of those…. I heard that YouTube’s counter stops when it is getting over ran with tons of people watching the videos in too short of a time! They then have to ok the counters to count again after they make sure its not fraud…. Well Ron Paul videos are always STUCK! People are begging to learn more about him!!! Ron Paul 2012!

  • Who else is viewer 301?

  • Roman Empire collapsed due to military spending and eroded its economy and society over time once its borders became stable.Germanys war machinery was fueld with continous conquest and looting. UDSSR got broke due to arms race.Spanish colonial empire collapsed due to enormous costs for navy.Before WWI English empire was about to collapse due to its military costs and foreign trade deficit.This the real reason why England declared war on Germany. Its not to difficult to understand, isnt it?

  • Ring the Liberty Bell.
    Vote for Ron Paul 2012
    PS: Fight SOPA

  • at least he didnt say i agree with ron paul but not the foreign policy

  • freedom watch = the only show I get my news on. And if Judge leaves, I will follow him.