Ron Paul Highlights at the CNN Southern Republican Debate

  • Theres a HEAVY rain storm in S.C right now. Ron Paul supporters will go vote while romney, gingrich, and santorum supporters wont. Ron might win S.C!


  • Elderly Pwnage at 19:45

  • Notice how Newt puts on a smile whenever he noticed himself on camera. Whatta tool!

  • I have watched coverage on all the channels. The best news about our country comes from RT ( Russian Television) it is no good when talking about the old soviet sphere of influence but for America it is good. MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and FOX are all very biased and you will be lucky to find an unbiased viewpoint on them.. you would do better to watch news channels like MOX NEWS and read the Huffington post than you would to watch Mass media, unfortunately our mass media no longer has any credibility.

  • Cpl. Jessy Thorsen(Soilder silenced by CNN) is being silenced again, this time by the US Military.



  • I will write him in

  • I note that the stats the veterans are experiencing is 22 %. The current unemployment rate if you count all those people who have dropped out of the employment race is about 22%. They quote a 9 1/2 percent unemployment rate in South Caroline. The national unemployment rate is 8% . My question is who believes that the actual unemployment rate is 8 % and if its not, how can the media claim credibility if they cant even fact check this. The media shows they have no credibility.

  • Dr Paul is so knowledgeable about the Constitution that he leaves bewildered looks on the faces of his opponents! lol. it’s great.

  • Another priceless face: Left side of the screen, 19:50

  • 17:30 Face:Priceless

  • America do yourself a favor and take the pill that the doctor orders…the one that has a price tag of freedom!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t want someone who’s fast on their feet speaking like Mitt or Serial Adulterer Gingrich, I want someone who thinks about it, and then is going to tell us…not just fly off the handle and judge who is in front of you, and what they ‘might’ want to hear, and go for it. Ron Paul is the most consistent one of them all!! He doesn’t flip flop around. I think he is the most intelligent one up on stage, and can’t be bought. That’s why the rich and corporations don’t want him in office! Period!

  • pz santorum ur overly sensitive umad?

  • Ron Paul…
    ( •_•)
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    … handled that like a boss!

  • Go to and vote on their poll for the GOP nominee. It’s located in the middle right side of the home page. RON PAUL is currently in the lead!!!!!

  • Santorums’ face at 8:05. Priceless.

  • DAMN ronny my boy! you be killin em! Seems like that beard guy in the audience is a supporter lol


  • In the uk ofcom have just banned free press news broadcasting on television!

  • The teacher vs. the students