Ron Paul Highlights at the CNN Southern Republican Debate

  • Go to and vote on their poll for the GOP nominee. It’s located in the middle right side of the home page. RON PAUL is currently in the lead!!!!!


  • Vote Ron Paul for protection of you personal individual freedom 🙂

  • You know what would be really awesome, it’s plain to see Romney loves Ron Paul, just look at the way he admires Ron Paul every time he talks.. Romney should drop out and endorse Ron Paul =)

  • ron paul cant win

  • I like the way the Man and Women raise their eyebrows at the same time at 20:50 They must be thinking to themselves “Hmm, This guy actually does makes sense”…. And to think the moderator almost didn’t let Paul answer that question if it was not for the audience lol


  • I love that person’s expression when RP says he doesn’t talk to lobbyists.

  • How is forcing a girl into giving birth to an unwanted child called a pro-life policy??? That will ruin the life of the girl and the child. This right should be given to the girl that carries the child and not some stupid conservative religious hawks.

    I mean if you slaughter more complex forms of life for the sake of taste, how can you bring the “morality” into this debate??? That is just typical Chauvinism.

    By the way, if the choice was between these guys, Ron Paul would be my choice anyway.

  • We are the one who fight!! We are the ones who die!! No more. We need to stop this! WE signed up to fight for United States of America–NOT–Israel and Goldman Sachs!!

  • Is it wrong that I feel like vomiting when the other candidates are speaking?

  • Ron Paul is the man… He has got my vote !!!

  • If I was at a debate I would run on the stage and punch Paul for talking too much nonsense. He deserves it! I’d be wearing an Obama t-shirt too.

  • agreed. but the more exposure, the more fans. And RP adherents do not quit.

    RP to the death.

    hi from canada!

  • R-O-N P-A-U-L 2-0-1-2

  • geez romney is a creepy dude

  • Everything in American would run better if the Fed Govt got out of the way. It has its place, just not in our faces, in our homes, in our schools, in our businesses, in our……fill in the blank. Ron Paul speaks so clearly and frankly about the essence of the real problems facing us.

  • If he’s not elected we’re fucked.

  • No one ever talks about how Santorum’s family in Italy are powerful and influential communists. Look it up.

  • santorum’s a fucktard. A smug, arrogant, hypocritical piece of shit.

  • Come on South Carolina, let’s see if you have any brains. You know who you should be voting for, now get to it.