Ron Paul Highlights at the CNN Southern Republican Debate

  • Ron Paul did great in that debate, he was very precise in his answers and secure!
    Ron Paul won that debate by far!

  • the average american intellect can hold just enough attention span to remember what happened on WWE last week, when they have to arrive at work, and how much beer they have in the fridge. its starts to strain em when they have to retain anything more. Thats why Newt won over a stupid response to a question. The fucker is immoral regardless of the nature of the question. they all attack each other ad nauseum, and the only one to be discriminating in their attack is Paul. Newts a huge hypocrite

  • After viewing the SC results I am amazed at how gullible and swayed people are by obvious used car salesman tactics. Is the average American really that naive? If the average American really is that naive then forget politics. It’s now time to figure out how to feed and protect your family when things inevitably hit rock bottom. When a constitutionalist is called “dangerous” you know this nation has reached a critical point. I shed a tear for my lost nation. RON PAUL 2012.


  • thanks, so much, for the upload!

  • Mr. Santorum. Was that you saying people have a right to life? How does war affect that right?

  • isreal says they dont need help, so why send it!?

  • Rick Santorum looked so nervous, haha.

  • Gringrich got his 30 seconds of fame. Its all because of the begining of the debate. All set up.

  • We should find a way to prevent unwanted pregnancy that is 100% effective and safe.

  • Sit down and stfu Santorum, nobody was talking to you. (asshat)

  • Condoms were invented for a reason bud.
    If they fail then like your girl you got preggers you need to step up and be an adult.
    Aborting your child is not the aswer if you cant raise the child then adoption is still availible.
    My cousin just had her child and allready a couple has adopted her baby boy.
    There are hundreds of thousands of couples who would love to have a child of there own.
    This isnt complicated.
    Its common sense

  • Look at the smug look Romney has every time Ron speaks. What a prick…

  • Go to and vote on their poll for the GOP nominee. It’s located on the right side of the home page. RON PAUL is currently in the lead!!!!! Thumbs up so people can see!

  • dear God, CNN is so disgusting. Newt winning? Even Santorum is beating Paul. it’s either The poles are being messed with, or South Caroliners have been watching too much CNN. Dissapointed

  • HAY! Who allowed newtered to speak?? 17:00

  • the highlight of this debate for me was when the crowd was screaming Ron Paul, when John King was about to move on to the next question and didnt let Ron Paul answer. What really bugged me about this debate was the Paul barely talked. CNN sucks!

  • Ron Paul did excellent in this debate.

  • Notice through the whole debate the basic stance of the candidates, all three facing the 1. I think their learning more than thier disagreeing 🙂 With Sanatorium got the look on his face that he is learning what the Constitution seys for the first time. :p