Ron Paul Highlights at the CNN Southern Republican Debate

  • John King is a stupid moderator

  • What a shitty debate…

  • John King=Puppet

  • i have a feeling that if ron paul becomes president, he would be assassinated….


  • Ron Paul is such a GREAT man!

  • go through the video and look at how the media completely changes what he is saying at the bottom… well i guess he lost the deaf vote

  • One thing i can say is that there is no way i would go up on that stage against Ron even when i agree with everything he says. Those guys are either incredibly brave or just plain stupid. They have to bow down to him. He is the only true American who is for the people and not for special corporate/government benefits. It amazes me people that can’t see right through them.

  • 10:21 “Woah is that really true?…It is?!..I’m voting for this guy!”

  • those other candidates look at him and listen to Ron Paul like they’re their MENTOR !!!!

  • if Ron paul don’t win the presidency,..the american constitution will becomplete destroy by Globalists and control freaks..and when that happens the ignorant american people will realize that they did a BIG MISTAKE…

  • America’s fucking dumb and ruled by fear. RP 2012

  • no 1 take ron paul seriously and and he cant be president

  • RON PAUL OWNS MITT ROMNEY —————> watch?v=gyfgBLmKRSs

  • what is wrong with the volume?

  • These studies are all accesible to the public and you need only google the studies.
    Even wihtout these studies though it should be obvious that a women who aborted her child would have much more severe mental trauma then a women who simply put her child up for adoption.
    Mothers who aborted there children must live with there child being denied life at there order.
    Somthing ANYONE with a healthy mind coudl never be able to forget and never be able to forgive themselves

  • Muliple studies have been done of the mental stability of women who have had multiple abortions they ended up with a statical land slide of mental health problems everything from mental breakdowns to depresion.
    Abortion lays so heavy on most patients that they live with the pain there entire life.
    Revisiting that dark time in the young life over and over in the later years.
    While the studies on mothers who gave there children for adoptions mental health suffered MUCH less severe trauma.

  • I am truly shocked that he came in fourth// it’s so obviously rigged..or people are just plain oblivious

  • Santorum at 8:06 LOL “fuck fuck fuck fuck get off my dick Ron”

  • Yes it is to late for someone whos allready got there girl pregnant.
    Condoms in the future might help with that problem of unwanted children.
    In the meantime he should grow a pair and act like a man and raise that child he is responsible for. Anything else I left out?

  • Brilliant Ron Poul and three complete idiots.