Ron Paul Highlights at the CNN Southern Republican Debate

  • Epic Paul.

  • “i dont even talk to lobbyist” , +100 respect points for ronny

  • has anyone noticed, that when ron paul speaks, rick looks like an ashamed little child, and mitt looks like a little dennis the menace trying to figure out what ron paul is doing and why he is effective, lol…very funny

  • I really wish I could’ve seen how people reacted to ChickenHawk and Mittens. I don’t really care about how people reacted to anything Satan said, it’s not like he has a chance anyways.

  • 14:55 Look at the way they look at RP. The untrained eye can spot so many tells it’s not even funny and the trained eye – far beyond that – not just 14:55 but elsewhere as well and the a-holes Paul’s up against are trained in not giving anything away (they try). Why can’t much of the US see that these men are all corporate cronies and that they’re on the same damn team? How did US citizens get so dumb? I know, fluoride, et cetera, but there are little children that can see through this bs.

  • Dr. Ron Paul sure did school the other three, despite what the media tries te tell you. “GINGRICH 32.99% | PAUL 33.72%” ! Don’t let Gingrich win, copy and paste this comment to Ron Paul videos! Drudge Report 2012


  • when will they show the results ?

  • 8:43 look at those idiots staring at him lol

  • The host always seems to change position in the middle of Ron Pauls answers… Just to draw the attention away? They don’t even change to a better camera-angle. And yes, Ron Paul owns as always.

  • When it comes to “Made In America”, this is just an idea and I don’t know how good it is. What if smomething is made here litterally. Material to make is from here made by the sweat of Americans here packing is from here….110% from here. If it falls under all that it is totally tax free, not only to the buyer but to the business also. Only thing we are taxed on is anything from over seas and business’s are heavily taxed and they are not allowed to recoup that tax when they sell it to us.

  • John King converted to Judaism and married a Jew. Apparently he decided that selling his soul was worth less than cow towing to the Electronic Jew media machine.

  • Please someone say something to make this horrible sinking hopeless feeling go away, evil is in the house and its soul purpose is to destroy everything good, why cant people see the truth and overpower the evil. not one american that has heard Ron Paul would vote for anyone else. For the first time we can understand perfectly whats happened and how to fix it, just because he takes the time to explain it instead of trying to fake it, he truly wants to help us. we are gonna have to fight hard to w

  • w w w dot drudgereport dot c o m <-- go vote for Dr. Paul NOW !!!

  • Dude, I’m a Chinese and I say vote for this guy. This guy would be an example of what a political leader should be. He would change America and hence the world! Vote for Ron Paul!!

  • Mittins got slammed

  • Founding father Dr. Ron Paul is the real deal!

  • creepy how mitt always turns 45 degrees to look at the guy speaking with a cynical count dracula resemblance

  • Romney 1, Newt 2? Fuck that, they are messing with the votes, I can’t accept that 22% vote Newt, if that is true I seriously will consider killing myself.

  • 19:46

  • I have been following Dr.Paul for going on 2 years now. When I first started following him the media would ignore him in debates and Dr.Paul unfortunately just accepted that. However seing this today shows how far we have come. The crowd chants Ron Paul’s name in order for him to answer questions and Dr.Paul confronts the show host directly on ignoring him (the most experienced candidate for medical question). Not only are the people waking up, they are on Ron’s side! Respect from UK.