Ron Paul Highlights at the CNN Southern Republican Debate

  • Whoever is NOT voting for Ron Paul is a freaking moron.
    I am tired of trying to convince morons.
    Convincing time is over, we need to start exposing morons !


  • went to yahoo, front page article “why South Carolina might not matter”………the article goes on to cheer Romney and paint the election as a foregone conclusion. Now I see why……..CAUSE RON PAUL ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! “Fascism looks under the bed for Ron Paul when it goes to sleep”

  • Santorum is such a fucking disgusting scummy man

  • Gingrich and his first wife Jackie were married for roughly 18 years. Gingrich began a affair with Marianne in 1980s, then divorced Jackie in February of 1981 and married Marianne in August. Gingrich became Speaker of the House and began a affair with a congressional intern named Calista in 1983. Gingrich divorced his second wife and married Callista on August 18, 2000. Newt Gingrich, lead the impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky affair. HYPOCRISY!

  • seems like mitt romney is paying attention and tries to learn when Ron Paul is speaking.

  • People of liberty, I made a pro Ron Paul video using a video game ( minecraft) please watch and support the message of FREEDOM and Ron Paul.

  • “You’re overly sensitive” – Ron Paul

  • 651 likes 400 watches… welcome to communist propaganda censorship

  • Santorum is a warmonger and wears a toupee. Romney is a corporate puppet and wears the sacred Mormon undergarments. Newt Gingrich is a CFR member. Holy Shit Maynard, I am voting for Ron Paul. He is the only normal one of the bunch.

  • He did great, every single time. RON PAUL 2012!!!! Give freedom a chance.

  • Ron Paul OWNED that stage.

  • the illegals, aliens

  • santorum said “we need to protect life” unless your middle eastern or in the military!

  • God bless you Ron. There needs to be more men like you.

  • You just can’t keep Texans down.

  • I’m proud of starting out in Texas.

  • im so sick of them trying to make these debates look like action movies.

  • I swear if he doesnt win im leaving this god forsaken country

  • Ron Paul !! From Virginia!

  • How many live in IL and like Ron Paul?