Ron Paul’s Granddaughter Highlights His Family Values

  • WE ALL NEED TO DO OUR PART AN NOT JUS VOTE BUT SPREAD AWARENESS TO ALL WHO ARE UNAWARE. im sure we would all be suprised when we go out in the public an find out that people dont know who he is or what he stands for. get ron paul car decals!!!!!


  • is their a Vote in one of the states today (saturday)?

  • Well said! Ron Paul is my President not for four years but for the rest of my life!

  • Well said! Ron Paul is my President not for four years but for the rest of my life!

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  • she does that same laugh that Ron does when asked a question

  • lol, someone has instructed her to keep her arms behind her back… look how she is standing. I can promise you one thing; it is to make her breasts seem bigger on tv. its a very old trick.

    the camera angle starts just below her breasts to create a focus outside of what she is saying.

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  • anyone else tired of the q about young people. Im 21, i dont care how old the candidate is… I care about the policies.

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  • In the OT of the bible, the laws of Israel had laws on morality…including death penalty on certain crimes…so she was wrong imo about having government not forcing morality.

  • she`s a fine young lady .

  • I see his laugh runs in the family.

  • He doesn’t want to ban abortian. He wants it regulated at the state level.

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  • Try to think critically you people would kill a fly, spray poison on a spider, kill a human because their beliefs differ from yours without a second thought…. OH but save a fucking fetus, you are all the biggest hypocrites.

    Wake up to yourselves, Killing thousands of babies in countries you have WAR with is ok though… you base this entire belief on emotion… try thinking with your heart AND YOUR MIND… sheeple.