Ron Paul’s Granddaughter Highlights His Family Values

  • Wow.. Ron Paul has a beautiful Grand Daughter *.*. I am more then certain Ron appreciates his life fully and I also get the feeling that Restoring America is Ron’s final chapter he wants to do his life and then his life will be complete I get that feel and sense of that.


  • Even the British media sensors Ron Paul. The BBC never mentions him when they talk about the 2012 elections. I thought we were better than that

  • Thank you madam

  • thank you

  • Ron Paul is even censored in SINGAPORE!

  • Ron Paul look sick

  • Really exciting time’s for America with Ron Paul…a breath of fresh air, dynamic, articulate, honest and truthfull, professional, he is taylor made for the position of president.

  • Now tell me. Where can I sign up to be Ron Paul’s grand kid? XD

  • The most important family in the USA has millions of members.They are made up of direct family friends and neighbours and people who are unknown to them.They are the family of proud Americans who share respect for the Founding Fathers the Constitution and Liberty.They are known by many different names and their origins and backgrounds are varied but they all share one common uniting bond.They are true patriots who love their country and believe in freedom.They are the people Ron Paul represents.

  • humanity can learn from you!

  • ron paul you give me something to aspire too!!

  • ron paul you give me something to aspire too!!

  • In Australia, you never hear a word about Ron Paul….Nothing! The Elite Media has a far and reaching arm. All we hear in Australia are sound bites of the Elite puppets who on either side of Ron Paul. My God he is the last chance for the U.S,

  • I cannot believe Gingrich won South Carolina. Why doesn’t this man get more support?!


  • I can’t believe Newt Pigrich actually won something… that’s fucking pathetic. South Carolina, you need to be stripped from the union, seriously. We don’t want you as part of our Republic anymore. You can keep your boss hog Gingrich; he can be your new leader.

  • Ron Paul is the only one who has sincerity and honesty to debate with ordinary people. The rest of those GOP candidates are all mass media ritual shielded. Too much coaching exposed they are all puppets. We must crack the puppet White House, Congress, Senate, Pentagon and military then take back our governments from those puppet masters. Ron Paul 2012 !!! He owe only to us, the population of America; not puppet masters when he wins the 2012 Election. Ron Paul 2012 !!! Crack poppet masters 2012!!

  • I would superpac laura

  • Come on RP, we can do this.
    Make a hole shipmates the Dr is about to operate.

  • Man, imagine being in the Paul family… Instant respect from everyone with a brain-cell!