Ron Paul’s Granddaughter Highlights His Family Values

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  • I was following the related videos and found this useful video for people who are looking to vote for Ron Paul. It covers the process of the primaries and the caucuses. Watch it and spread the word.


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  • Australian TV is also ignoring him. They mentioned Rick Perry allot.

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  • Judge Nepalitano is one of the FEW reasons why people should watch FOX news anymore

  • What a smart and beautiful girl. Ron Paul should be proud to have such a great family.

  • The republican religiouse right Cristians will NEVER allow withdrawing Americas troops because they believe America is the Chossen land and their to rule for GOD. GOD is for fictional stories and should not be allowed in a Government.
    “The only way to reduce the number of nuclear weapons is to use them.”
    – Rush Limbaugh

  • Ron Paul isn’t censored in Japan
    Are most western media controlled by zionists?

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  • he is a great man america needs to vote for him cos hes the only one that tells the truth,,except 9/11 was an inside job ,,but if he said that noone would want to believe it.

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