Ron Paul’s Granddaughter Highlights His Family Values

  • does any1 think ron paul will be assassinated if he gets elected for president because he wants whats best for the people?.. hope not


  • Even if Ron Paul wins, Obama is still going to be re-elected no matter what. I mean, he’s the president who killed most wanted #1.

  • she fine too…RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • opinion polls consistently show only about 5% of blacks have sensible political opinions by Ron Paul!

  • All medias in the world is biased toward Ron because the medias get the news from the bias medias ,fux,cnn,nbc ans other fuking puppets. I read canadian news paper and the source is from wall street news, which I believe is owned by Ruberch. US will soon use PIPA and SOPA to shut your mouth, use Patriot Act to prison you, and Call you Americans the Terrorists.

  • isn’t she beautiful? and I say that as a woman. she’s gorgeous.

  • ur hot. . . marry me ?

  • ur hot. . . marry me ?

  • Whoa — NEWS FLASH EVERYONE — Laura Paul is hot! Ron’s campaign needs to put her in front of the camera more often.

    Hopefully she has a BIG litter of good looking Constitutionalists!

  • RON PAUL, weapon of mass instruction.

  • I have to admit, this may be Americas first chance for a president who actually looks like a good human being! Unfortunately he doesn’t bow to the Zionists so I don’t think he’ll go far. Best of luck anyway Ron. I hope you win for the world’s sake.

  • Wow that is truly inspiring. Dr. Paul has done so many good things in his life. I hope the Pauls will continue the fight by serving America inside the political realm.

  • Ron Paul really is such an amazing guy. I wish him all the best.

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  • The BBC is no longer impartial. Jewish interests of Mark Thompson, BBC chairman, are transparent. His wife is a jew by the name of Blumberg and his support of Israel and obvious bias toward the country is shocking. In 2005 he met with Ariel Sharon to ‘build bridges’ with the country, The socialist BBC always fails to give two sides to the story on the middle east issue. They refused to broadcast the 2009 Gaza aid appeal. Yet another example of almost totalitarian zionist control…

  • No, South Carolinians don’t give a crap anymore about family values. They boo the golden rule and vote for an adulterer. But then again, 4/5 of the registered voters didn’t bother to get off their butts and vote anyway. Nope, what South Carolinians wanted was someone who would proclaim KILL THEM! They wanted blood, not family values. Sad.

  • RON PAUL , 2012! Cant wait for you to be the next president , i have high hopes you can turn all this mess around. <3

  • Aside from obvious thoughts like “She’s hot!”, though I would be more inclined to say that she’s beautiful , since she is obviously intelligent, I never imagined that one of the thoughts to pop into my head when seeing a beautiful woman would be “What an honor.”

  • You can tell she is his granddaughter. They laugh the same way and talk with almost the same rhythm. That’s neat. ~ Ron Paul 2012!

  • this girl has to be great, she’s 25% ron paul after all.