Ron Paul’s Granddaughter Highlights His Family Values

  • damn i want her to sit on my face

  • Shes cute. Ron Paul 2012! Do your part, tell your friends and family. Let people know! The tv isn’t going to show them the Dr.


  • better looking than obamas monkey ass family

  • Only Ron Paul can beat Obama in 2012. Only he can bring the largest # of Americans together.

  • 2012 Presidential Election

    [ ] Barrack Obama

    [✓] Ron Paul

    if Ron Paul doesnt win the election im moving somewhere else outside USA …he is our only hope 🙂

  • ‘he has five children,all of which…’.try all of whom,dumb-ass.

  • Is she Trish’s daughter. I am so going to pipe that shit for spite.
    Mark my words!

  • The NWO begs to differ Dr Laura. They believe they can force morality on us all. They also believe they can define the meaning of the word morality.

  • what a dynasty would rather have this family in white house rather than bush’s.

  • i want to marry one of his granddaughters i want to be apart of paul family

  • True story, Shut-up about abortion until it’s your seed or a child growing inside of you. f+#k you progressives, and social conservative theocrats you’re both wrong. Dr. Paul has it right.

  • This might be the first time I am attracted to a woman….because of her grandfather. lol.

  • Europe is under rebellion, join to us. Poland is 1st in Europe and they want to our calm and control, they are everytime lieing now, world need more informations! Whole World In Our Hands! ANONYMOUS power. Good Luck USA, Ron Paul!

  • i love how retard hipster kids or old kids on internet talk about abortion and come up or hear somewhere some retarded idea and go on to tell a man who spent his whole life as a doctor in that specific area he is wrong…..

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  • Ron Paul must be proud.

  • God bless Ron Paul, his family, and the United States of America

  • I want a Dr. Paul in my family!

  • I met Ron Paul tonight! He’s extremely well spoken, a very nice guy, the only candidate who cares about the people, and meeting him was pretty much the best moment of my life!