Ron Paul’s Speech at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference

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  • in short Entitlements are rights & we should not expect to sell ourselves short just cause they are selling us austerity measures. If we are the so called greatest nation of the world then we need to live up to it & take care of our own rather than kill & steal from others using our young men & women in the military to benefit a small minority. Austerity measures are theft from people. Entitlements should be any civilized nation`s right. Denying that is lying to people. Cheers

  • Just like Dr. Paul says your 2 day paycheck is mostly paying for foreign aid, & preemptive wars that all benefit elites and not Americans. My suggestion is to stop wars & foreign aid to all countries you named. Having the best free Healthcare would only cost you 1/4 of your week`s pay to get all American`s insured. I guarantee you, you & all your neighbors would be a happier people under the red, white & blue if we all lived in peace & had free healthcare with no costly bureaucracy.

  • A lot of white people died to free black slaves. Stop living in the past. Read the Constitution, before it’s gone, along with your liberty. Obama 2012, because freedom requires intellect and a job. Right back at ya, sucker.


  • Obama has done nothing but continue every policy Bush initiated. We are getting ready for an economic collapse never before seen in history. Sounds like you and your fam are benefiting from the labor of others. Not perfect? Not even in the vicinity. How about Gitmo? still open? Iraq? contractors and a huge embassy remain, he was kicked out, he didn’t want to leave. still in Afghanistan, wants to go to Iran, went to Syria, Bet no one in the fam is military either.

  • you are lucky man in europe people work 3 out of 5 days a week for the goverment if you are a little bit rich you may work 3,5 days a week in some socialist countries in europe ,i thing i might add if you americans put up with losing your freedom we have no chance at all not only in EU but all over the world ,good luck remember you fight not only for yourselves but for the world as well

  • (continued) Currently, I am being forced to work 2 days a week for the government. Tell me, do you see that as enslavement? Sure govt provides roads and such for my use, but it also gives money to Pakistan, Russia, Israel, Mexico, Haiti + many others. I do not agree with foreign aid when we have too much to fix here at home. So, my money is stolen from me and given to sources that I do not agree with……………it’s enslavement.

  • The fact is that Government has nothing. It does not generate or produce anything. In order for it to give entitlements, it must first take what it gives from somebody else. Who does it take that from? The taxpayers. In order for you to be given an entitlement, it must first be taken from me. That violates my rights in that I am being forced to give my property (money) to someone else. It’s unethical……and its theft.

  • I once wanted to be a photojournalist one of the books a got on the subject has an entire section on how to make a crowd look large or small depending on what the editor wants the readers to think. (this was a TIME LIFE book) proof there is no honesty in journalism.

  • Sad the amount of ppl that are actually there listening to this