Ron Paul Comments on 4th Place Finish in South Carolina

  • Steve Colbert 2012!


  • I will be so happy to vote for RON PAUL in May here in Nebraska!

  • We’ve completely lost sight of our ultimate goal…none of this will matter because of our attitude and lack of respect for God. We can all kiss our butts goodbye.

  • I hope Wolf Blitzer moderates those debates. Cooper and King are awful.

  • Sounds like SC needs more internet and less msm?

    Ron Paul 2012 or BU$T !!

  • You’re preaching to the converted hehe. There was a vid on here called Still Voting For ‘Mitt Romney’? It was pretty amusing lol. And yeah, Obama has been a let down to me, someone who donated to his campaign 1st time around. What else do you do when your choice was between a giant douche, and a turd sandwich?

  • 4th Place South Carolina?!?! WTF!

  • Newt says he can go toe to toe with Obama.He can’t look down and see his own toes.

  • david at 3:13 is a Mason and the high degree mason worship Lucifer the light bearer or satan

  • Dr. Ron Paul WILL be the next President of the Unites States ! …No matter what it takes …iykwim!

  • Average Intelligence Quotient Battery Results (IQ Test) for Each Candidate’s Supporters
    Ron Paul = 150+
    Barack Obama = 90
    Mitt Romney = 75
    Newt Gingrich = -25

    (lolz, but probably close to the truth)

  • I just can’t believe so many ppl are brain dead seriously the only choice is Ron Paul!

  • I’m diappointed in SC. I thought our freedom, liberties and Constitution would have meant more to you than voting for the establishment candidates. Big government and business as usual is what you all voted for…sad.

  • Wolf works for Israel who is hell bent on stopping Paul in his tracks. Zionism has a stranglehold on America but people are waking up.

  • Ron Paul can unlock the Gridlock in Washington. Last man standing Ron Paul 2012

  • Im from South Carolina and im even wondering how the hell Ron Paul didnt get more votes than he did… what the hell fellow south carolinians? vote for the man with the chance!! ron paul!

  • to me this just proves how delusional south carolinians are. they vote newt gingrich first? first!? the guy who cheats on his wife with cancer and leaves her for a younger woman? the guy who is just a bought out fake republican. SHAME ON YOU south carolina.

  • ron paul is a beast

  • Florida doesn’t have an open primary, so I don’t expect Paul to do very well there. In fact, I think he’s gonna get murdered in the Florida primary. Too many old people with nothing better to do than load up by the bus full, and go vote for that cartoon “Newt”, or the human tampon applicator “Mitt”. The younger people need to make sure they MAKE the time to vote, or Paul is gonna be out of it very soon! Sorry, but it’s true, the older people are afraid of everything.

  • Everyone, wiz9496 is a troll.

    There is no point arguing with a 40 year old virgin troll. He adds nothing of substance to any argument. Definition of a troll.