Ron Paul Comments on 4th Place Finish in South Carolina

  • Americans can’t do this sitting in front of the TV. American need to get out in the streets!

  • If this keeps up Ron Paul will lose and America and the World will fall. Without Ron Paul we will continue to have war. Everyone please comment on every video and raise awareness Ron Paul 2012.


  • Is he gonna go Independent if he doesn’t win the Republican nomination? I’m def not voting for those other 3 fucks.

  • Guys a new MONEYBOMB has just started! End the TSA!

  • The rest of the world can´t vote…shame.

  • ah shit, their doing it again their going to rig the elections

  • Damn!!!! Kinda wonderin if im fukn paranoid or if its my damn computer!!!! jus got done watchin the cnn florida gop debate2012 online and everytime Dr Paul got a chance to talk my computer froze up!!!!! Please sum1 post the re-run on youtube!! Im thinkin its not my computer nor paranoia!!

  • Chuck Norris, President.

    Liam Nealson, vice president.

    Admiral Ackbar, Secretary of Defense.

  • Everyone wants to fight over ron paul, rick perry, ginger newts, and rick’s insanatorium.. Why not vote Stephen Colbert?

  • Can you imagine one of these Republican debates without Ron Paul in them? I’d rather watch paint dry…

  • ron paul cannot win… even i though i support him 100% but unfortunately, theres to many stupid people in america who will vote for roomney or gingrich…. they will vote for them and in a few years will be complaining on how bad this country is. wake up you stupid mother fuckers…. when wil you get tired of being stupid and stop choosing the wrong god damn president. ron paul2012 is the only fucking answer…… btw fuck you ccn.

  • Blitz, thanks for another worthless shit interview.

    Not only do we need new candidates, we also need new interviewers who REALLY want to talk about issues, and not try to pigeonhole Ron Paul, portray him as kooky, or paint him into a corner.

    I feel the winds of a Civil War blowing into this country.

    Fucking Zionist Fuckers.

  • CNN – FOX – MSNBC – etc. Go eat the 1% shit and die fat and stupid. Wolf Blitzer, you can take the first bite and swallow some of that Jewish Lobby Shite you keep spouting out.
    RON PAUL 2012.

  • Please america don’t fuck me and the world by not making this guy president.

  • Fuck south carolina !

    VIDEO ———————-> watch?v=gyfgBLmKRSs

  • Fuck Wolf Blitzer.

  • Ron paul wont win time to leave

  • this is the best Ron Paul add I have seen. It fits perfectly with Dr. Paul’s message. Please watch it and if you feel as I do, let’s hope it will be used on TV. Congrats to the guy who made it. I can’t post the link, but it is the first result if you search “Ron Paul 2012. ‘We Have Lost the Way’ – Charlie Chaplin’s 1940 Speech”

  • SEARCH: (RON PAUL AD – FREEDOM). a new ron paul endorsed music ad. this man is more in touch with the Youth, the Troops, and the Constitutionalist then any other man in politics.