Ron Paul Comments on 4th Place Finish in South Carolina

  • Wolf is fuckin’ pathetic, asking Dr. Paul to endorse someone basically..

  • Be careful what you ask for. You may just get it. Really, Newt? I guess you like a guy who leaves his loved ones when they get a disease, sends young men and women off to wars that he himself didn’t want to fight in when it was his time, promotes books like the Third Wave which advocate doing away with the Constitution and Bill of Rights, who is a CFR member, who gets millions off of Fannie and Freddie, flip flops on climate change, and promotes police state legislation. Newt=Obama. Get it?


  • Maine for Ron Paul!

  • Ron Paul is already my President!

  • if ron paul doesn’t win.. say good bye to freedom

  • Gingrich – One world Govt/NWO
    Romney – One world Govt/NWO
    Santorium – One world Govt/NWO
    Ron Paul – America Liberty

    Do you want another one world Govt/NWO president like Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama?
    It’s not Rep vs Dem. That is just the diversion.

  • America deserves everything we got coming. In a couple years when the president is Obomney gingrich and inflation is 20% and unemployment is 30% and the incarseration rate is double and so on it will be rough, but I will find solace in the fact that my fellow americans who are suffering are not innocent and deserve it all.

  • WTF SC! You choose a hypocrite, adulterer, freedom hating, anti-constitutional scum bag like Newt as a person best to represent America? Newt promotes ideas that go against the very document he has to take an oath too. Here is Ron Paul who predicted the real estate crash, warning about the fiscal and monetray problems, warned about unjust wars, takes his oath seriously, lives by the “Golden Rule”,has been consistent and honest, but that deserves 4th place in SC.SC must like corrupt politicians.

  • Wolf you swinehead, Gergen the brownnoser? Wtf is he doing here..

  • Paul needs to repeat, repeat, repeat and make clear to everyone that this is not about 1st and 2nd place. It is about delegates and he will rely on an honest, hardworking “Grassroots” organization to amass as many delegates as possible and that his campaign is dependent on donations from THE PEOPLE not from corporations and support from THE PEOPLE will carry him to the convention. Gingrich or Romney will only bring more of the same.

  • “Florida is a disadvantage to us”. Yeah, that right Congressman too many of those nasty Jews right?

  • gingrich shows signs of aspartame poisoning. Seriously, all the diet soda he drinks have affected his brain.

  • Nobody talks about spending. Nobody talks about Peace. Just Ron Paul.

  • How do you Americans vote for people who are KNOWN to be corrupt?! The most honest guy gets last place!!!! LMFAO fucking insane

  • Ron Paul no one else

  • IF (not Ron Paul) THEN(Obama)

  • I go between sadness and anger. But you can tell Ron Paul is laughing at them so that keeps me laughing as well. It’s not over yet.

  • I’m voting Ron Paul period…fuck everyone else bottomline!!!

  • If you vote for anyone but Ron Paul, your gonna get what you deserve, inflation,bankruptcy and the end of America as we know it, smarten up dummies! (sheeple)

  • South Carolina, you have disappointed me.