Ron Paul’s Speech after the South Carolina Primary

  • Now is a good time to donate to RP’s campaign.

  • why can’t he act this way in the debates!???!

  • Newt cannot beat BO. He’s a place holder candidate standing in to help BO win again.

  • ron paul!!! newt is scum


  • What did he say about Internet Gambling? Or what he meant?

  • I wonder if the dems that switched to vote in the repub primeries are voting against Ron Paul as he is the only candidate that will beat obama!!! What do ya think?

  • but you know what fuck ’em none of those clowns can be president without Paul’s votes so they can’t get to excited either you change your dully platform to respect other countries and include our monetary policy AND VP RON PAUL or prepare for 4 more Years guarantee of Obama

  • It’s encouraging to see Ron Paul have the biggest support from people in the united states in general than he’s ever had before…and it’s not like his message has changed, it’s more about the people coming around. Still, I don’t see him winning…but it nevertheless is exciting to see the message get more and more support.

  • SC really fucked up for good but we still have the hottest girls of this campaign just check out the chick behind Paul just kidding..! no in FL we’re gonna end up last the most important part of race for us is beyond FL we have to keep up don’t let liberty down !

  • You have to be kidding they voted for Newt. The man who got fined when he was ahead of the house not to mention the man who cant seem to keep his pants on while he is in government. The ones who are dangerous are the ones who keep letting our government say one thing and do another. Keep voting for the puppets and nothing will ever change.

  • Are they BRAINDEAD in South Carolina??? WTF is up with all the primaries, making sure Ron Paul is always last, when the polls have him first or second!!!

  • America is pulling for you Ron Paul!

  • I was shocked when SC stood up for Newt in the CNN-debate, on the other hand they booed because cnn ignored RP. That was maybe just some critical parts of the audience that made the other ones go along with them.

    Unfortunately there are too many clueless idiots that cheer everytime someone says the words “guns” or “bible”. They had no clue what Ron Paul was talking about and in the end they followed the agenda of the media. They ignored him even more in SC and it worked…..shame on SC.

  • If this isn’t good enough evidence of a rigged election, then I don’t know what is. 47% were female voters and the guy who treats women like shit gets an easy win? At first I thought it was just the media trickery but no it’s just rigged. It’s a movie, it’s all scripted. Also FAUX News twice while I was watching mentioned Paul (which is rare) but when they did they blatantly lied saying he got 3rd twice and now 4th. That’s not true, he got 2nd, 3rd, & 4th, you piece of shit media sellout scum!!

  • its funny that newt won.. Newt or santorum aren’t even on the ballot in some states adding up to 500 delegates! so what if newt won SC… Ron Paul is in the drivers seat still… also shame on CNN for saying that Ron Paul is out after a 4th place finish. only Ron and Mitt are on the ballot in all 50 states. He is still in these even if he finishes dead last in Florida. Its all about the delegates and his supporters staying late after the polls to win them. Its still game on!

  • Not being American and really understand the delegate system can any one tell me how does this leave Ron Paul?

  • Why is it in the other candidates speech they pull back the camera to show the public or viewers the candidates supporters…shaking hands etc. Media bias!

  • I hate those stupid focus group polls(sheeple polls). Just another thing to “show” people how they should be thinking.

  • Is that a polygraph on the screen? he’s pretty much spit out the truth through this entire speech. Can we put the polygraph up for Newt and Mitt’s speeches please? Im just curious… = P

  • This is SC , its not surprising . They don’t get it.