Ron Paul: I Can Beat Obama

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    Romney Allegedly pays supporters.

  • What is like to so stupid ronpaulfreedumb? You probably have no clue how dumb you really are, lmao.. “Printing money…inflates the debt away”?

    People need to SWITCH PARTIES WEEKS IN ADVANCE in many states with closed primaries.
    COPY N PASTE this everywhere! THUMBS UP!

  • New York is for Ron Paul 2012!!


  • Voting for Obama is acting like a chicken with your head cut off, then asking the butcher for help.

  • Ron, we as the people ask you to ask that all candidates 100% verify eligibility to run. This was always the norm until now but we the people demand it is done AGAIN AND FROM HERE-FORTH.

  • Well l still have not seen the BS Obama can even run in this election, has he proved who he really is as yet? DEMAND it before allowing the new election to contain his name, whatever it really is now.

    WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEMAND THIS before allowing him to run… not the same as to prove as stated for the one he stole from us. THIS IS A NEW DEAL NOW and I say PROVE TO US YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO RUN OBAMA.

  • To all my fellow Ron Paul supporters please raise awareness and post on every YouTube video Ron Paul 2012

  • I still have yet to hear 1 person I know say their going to vote for Obama, NOBAMA 2012!

    I cant wait to see his ass all cracked out on an episode of cops or bait car, asshole.

  • Are americans fucking dumb or something, why the fuck are 70 percent of Americans not voting for Ron Paul?

  • Ron Paul 2016 !


    “…offering my services…” RP isn’t dying to get into office, he’s just worried and fighting for Americans. What an exhausting and daunting task, expecially with so many stupid Americans that don’t want help, but WANT to go down (and want to take us with them). So frustrating.

  • JamesHancock

    He needs to change the way he says his foreign policy and he’ll have huge support.

    If it was phrased as we need to stop being Europe’s military so that they can be socialist he would have a far better reception.

    We currently have 300,000 troupes in Europe so that they don’t have to. (See illegal Libyan war to see how inadequate their militaries are because of us) We are in effect writting a massive welfare check to Europe every month. It’s time to end the welfare!

    If it was conveyed this way (same for Japan and South Korea) you would get an excellent reception.

    And then beat over the head. As president I would fight any war that congress declared and defend the US from an attack. What I wouldn’t do is violate the constitution and start a war without congress declaring war.

    And if he stressed that he would nuke anyone that attacked us using subs stationed off of every cost in international waters, wow, you’d have the war mongers right there.

    Notice that nothing has changed, it’s just phraseology. Time for a phrase change and then we can have regime change!

    • Scott R

      @JamesHancock James YES! I’ve been also saying the same thing! Paul could really pick up some support if he says. #1 close the un-needed bases, #2 stop the nation building, #3 increase forces on the OUR border, #4 increase the size of the Navy in international waters where “holes” are left by closing the bases. If he REALLY wanted to compramise and actually get even more Neo-conservatives, he could agree to leave 10% of the bases open, which ones determined by congress vote, and approved by popular vote in the occupyied nation. I really do think that we need to stick to NO NATION BUILDING and can’t compramise at all on that. This would infact increase our mobility, strengthen the defense of OUR country vs. Israel, keep the terrorists out, and maybe even change some of the anti-American sentiment around the world, and save the US dollar from destruction which also helps our security. What amazes me is that over 80% of SC republicans doesn’t understand this simple logic.

      • JamesHancock

        @Scott R Unfortunately a huge portion of SC voters work in the Military Industrial Complex. He wasn’t going to win no matter what. But if it was about socialism and ending it in Europe, you have a take home message that can win. (all the rest is great but shouldn’t be stressed)

  • TeflonRONfan

    Time to break new records in Florida! Ron Paul has and will continue to shock the world, against the odds. We are out here RP and we are awake! God bless you!!!!!

  • TeflonRONfan

    How odd is it that Newt attacks the media (which I agree, they are biased and controlled) but it was a real question and people applaud Newt for it?! Moreover, he then starts to lash out at the media more often after he sees that he is reinforced by supporters. Ron Paul has been attacked without reason for YEARS! I think if RP puts more conviction and aggression behind his words he picks up more votes. Apparently people respond positively to screaming and finger pointing. Just a thought. GO RON PAUL!!!!!!

  • Scott R

    If Newt gets the GOP nod… I call on Ron Paul to go 3rd party. Has anyone ever seen the South Park episode with the turd sandwich and the giant dusch? Putting Newt up against Obama would seriously create the BEST opportunity for a 3rd party to be formed. I mean seriously? We would have all the independants, conservatives, and Libertarians!… maybe even some moderates that are sick of the status quo, and even some liberals that want and end to the wars. I don’t like Paul’s chances as much as a 3rd party candidate is Romney gets the nod simply because the conservative and moderate / independant vote will be split and hand the white house to Obama. So my advice to Paul supporters that may be thinking about a vote for Romney just to keep Newt out… vote for Paul to go for the GOP nom… vote for the candidate that best matches your take on the issues. Even if that lets Newt win, the back up plan could be 3rd party.

  • Bommetje

    Scott R:

    The voting-machines are fixed, don’t ever think that that is not the case!!!

    Fixed fixed fixed

    Your whole country is fixed

    Every country in the world is fixed

    Wake up!! Let’s do something about it before it’s too late…..

    Ron Paul is the best answer for now and from there we can start (a worldwide) revolution…

    Without violence….

    History has pointed out all the time that a violent revolution will eventually lead to another one…

    Film the people who voted Ron Paul after they just voted for him in the machines and ask them to do it again on film (my guess would be that Ron Paul voters are not unwilling to do this)

    At least you have a record of (the minimum number) of votes for the honest man and you can always go to court if they don’t match with the official votes for him…

    We MUST make an effort to change the pathetic stuff which is going on in the world right now

    America is a good place to start


    Good luck there in Uncle Sam’s country haha

    Love, peace and most of all freedom and non-tension from

    Bommie (born in Holland, living in China)

  • Scott R

    -He fails like all others except Paul to produce a realistic plan to stop the debt and inflation that is destroying the middle class. We can not continue to “grow” the economy using inflation and the 401K “house of cards” by brainwashing people and scaring them INTO stocks on fears of inflation. How about letting people keep what they earn and having a dollar always be worth a dollar? It would only hurt mutual fund and hedge fund managers in the long run. The GREED in this country is out of control / outragous.

    It just motivates me even more to refuse to continue to attack the other candidates and to support Paul in every way that I can.

    • Scott R

      *refuse the status quo and continue to attack the other candidates that is

  • Scott R

    I’m don’t know about you guys, but I’m still stunned that 40% of SC voters believe that Gingrich is the best choice. It honestly makes me SICK. I have not been able to stop thinking about this all weekend. He’s my LAST CHOICE of the 4.

    -He took over a million dollars from Fannie and Freddie during a period of time that they are now accused of fraud. Basically, Newt took money right out of the equity of his homes and placed it into his pockets.

    -He attacked Romney on captitalism when one of the greatest problems is the drift away from the free society to one that more closely resembles the old USSR. He is NOT a conservative! HELLO!!!

    -He and his Neo-conservative buddies continue to use FEAR to manipulate the minds of Americans. As long as Americans believe that we must have all these forces over seas to protect America, the continued brain washing is a success. We DO NOT need all this nation building and 900 bases to have security. In fact, the more we have, the less security we will end up with as it creates the anti-American sentiment, and huge budget issues that hurt the currency. How will we pay for our military if the USD goes to 0???

  • tryptala

    I have a suggestion for the Paul campaign that will clench the Presidency for Ron Paul. Paul should bring William K Black onto his team. The country will vote overwhelmingly for anyone who is ready to put Mr. Black to the task of putting the Wall Street crooks in prison. That’s a task that will unite hundreds of millions, and the applause of the rest of the world.

    • dagobertotorres

      @tryptala I like your idea