Ron Paul: I Can Beat Obama

  • The old and stupid flock to Florida to co mingle and vote for Mitt and Nutty. Please tell me if you can why you think that anything will change by voting for these bungholes. The world is waiting for your Dah moment. In Ron We Trust.

  • They were talking about the american primaries on the radio here in canada (cbc) they didn’t even mention ron paul.


  • Know what Fucka Politics. I don’t bother voting up in Canada lol. I just pay my taxes with my finger in the air.

  • It’s also unfortunate that he remained with the Republican party, if he had broken from them and ran as Independent or Libertarian, it would play perfectly to the sentiment that many voters feel alienated from, and disappointed by, BOTH major parties.

  • The main reasons why Paul will not secure the nomination are largely superficial. His platform may excite his supporters, but his squeaky voice, pointy nose and chin and his age all work against him. Also, he comes off as friendlier than Romney (cocky) and Gingrich (pompous) but, in a Presidential contest, the American public demands a kind of swagger that Ron Paul doesn’t possess.

  • The internet is obsessed with Ron Paul lol

  • Don’t be a Republican or Democratic. Be an American and vote Ron Paul. Ron Paul 2012!

  • How the fuck do people vote Newt Gingrich over Ron Paul…even Rick Santorum?!

  • I am going to give up all of my free time to get information to the elderly so they can get enough information to vote for ron paul.


    Just watch the video as well.

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  • this man is crazy or what
    conservatives will never choose a man who support gay marriage and relations with Cuba and DRUGS
    He should run in the other side

  • 4th out of 4. Not looking good for Paul.

  • they do not want to stop the wars becouse it is to much profit for few people.they do not give a flying fuck for usa, people or goverment they own usa.

  • Observing from Ireland. Really, really like Ron Paul, but I do worry about two things, two things I hope his American supporters can address appropriately: 1) Is economic shock policy really going to help? How will the 0% tax rate help? 2) Ron Paul has said he does not believe in evolution. To me, that’s absurd, and it’s especially dangerous if he abolishes the federal education department – surely that will allow creationism and ID to creep into classrooms again?

  • Tell this to the dopes in the GOP primary electorate who keep voting for such non-conservatives as Gingrich and the phony Romney…Polls show PAUL is the one who is competitive with Obama despite the fact that he has been trashed for more than Mitt…

  • I can beat obama…

  • Please elect Ron Paul my American friends. Don’t let the media shut him out.

  • Please elect Ron Paul my American friends. Don’t let the media shut him out.

  • Paul/Kucinich 2012

  • I’ll vote Obama, though I agree with a lot of Paul’s positions. If I were to pick one guy who I agreed with the most it would be Nader, but he has no chance in hell.