Ron Paul: I Can Beat Obama

    *RON PAUL 2012*



    *RON PAUL 2012*

  • GOBAMA! 2012 obama!

  • I want him to be president but..damn….hes gonna lose.

  • OBAMA 2012!!!!

  • OBAMA 2012!!!!

  • So many Juvenile comments its not even funny. Who cares what Ron Paul looks like, or how old he is. I don’t care if his suit is to big.
    Ron Paul is the only one running that actually promotes Real change.

  • Obama 2012!
    Don’t reply back because Obama videos are getting assaulted by Republican comments, don’t bother replying

  • Why doesn’t this guy get more votes? He would DESTROY Obama.

  • RON PAUL 2012

  • Generation Y for Ron Paul 2012

  • Ron Paul is finished. Ron Paul will get last in Florida. We love Newt and Mitt. They are both good Republicans. Ron Paul is a idiot that has no chance and we can never vote for him. Ron Paul needs to stop making a fool of our Party and just quit again and shut his mouth. Ron Paul is a joke that believes Bush blew up the WTC Towers on 9-11 and his Cult of followers chase after Bigfoot and Little Green Aliens in Spaceships.

  • I can’t help but imagine this Evil-Pokemon looking Gingrich thing being the new president of the united states. I’m not American but you just can’t let this happen!


  • It’s not the fact that the people aren’t voting. It’s the fact that the Government doesn’t like good men ruling which makes him remain lowest.

  • H B

    Has anyone though about boiling their dog over an open fire in their back yard? If not you might want to give that some thought. If we get Obama back or the status quo Romney, Newt or Santorum then what I say might just be a strong possibility.
    If people truly knew just had bad off this country is, they would flock to Ron Paul.

  • go RON PAUL!!!!!!!!

  • Keep going Dr. Paul, you are deeply appreciated and needed more than ever! May God bless you in every way, and bring you victory!

  • he looks like a grandpa