Ron Paul: Preserve the Free and Open Internet! Down with SOPA and PIPA!

by Ron Paul

Although Congress was back in session for scarcely more than a day last week, private citizens across the country managed to cause an uproar felt across Capitol Hill. The uproar took the form of hundreds of thousands of phone calls to both Senators and Representatives, urging them to oppose two draconian new bills that threaten the free and unbridled flow of information on the internet.

On Wednesday last week, dozens of prominent websites like Wikipedia, Reddit, and Craigslist, were blacked out in protest of two bills known in DC jargon as SOPA and PIPA. SOPA is the House bill; PIPA is its Senate companion. These bills ostensibly will combat internet piracy, and of course we also are told they will help us wage the never ending “war on terror.”

What these bills actually do is force website owners to police the internet; create entry barriers to the only relatively free and open medium of communication; and threaten to break the technological structure of the internet itself. They also violate our 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech and our 4th Amendment freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures.

SOPA and PIPA have been drafted not only without respect for the Constitution, but also without an understanding of the how the internet works. These bills attack the very system upon which the entire orderly organization of the web depends. Search engines, internet service providers, advertising sites, and sites with user-generated content such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter–all magnificent creations of the market– are directly threatened by these bills. They will be held responsible if even a single of their millions of users posts even one link to a website that a copyright holder claims is violating a copyright.

Note that under the bills as written, the Department of Justice or a copyright holder do not have to prove that their copyright was violated– they simply have to claim copyright infringement and an entire site is shut down. The burden of these regulations on the internet will be enormous, shifting resources away from productivity and innovation and into monitoring and censoring. It turns internet companies into involuntary tools for Big Brother government, further eroding our Constitutional rights.

As is typical of so many bills in Congress, SOPA and PIPA were not crafted to make life better for the American people, but rather were written at the behest of big business trying to enlist the federal government as its strong-arm. For example, the Motion Picture Association of America spent more than $1.2 million so far lobbying for their passage.

But the internet community is fighting back effectively, not just with websites that went black but with millions of users who expressed their solidarity. Congressional sponsors of both bills have been jumping ship in response to the outrage. The House Judiciary Committee canceled the SOPA hearing they were planning to hold last Wednesday; the House leadership announced they have no intention of considering this bill; and at the end of the week Senator Reid announced he was postponing the vote until a “compromise” could be reached. The American people are speaking, and with their continued grassroots efforts the marketplace for free ideas and communication will prevail over government controls and censorship.


  • I would die if RON PAUL is not elected.

  • Ron Paul: 93%
    Newt Gingrich: 4%
    Mitt Romney: 3%

    Breaking News!!! Newt Gingrich is edging ahead of Romney by one point! It definitely looks like the tide is turning. Will Gingrich be able to muscle the support to maintain this lead? Only time will tell.

  • The US is going to shit and it’s the pathetic brainwashed media kool aid drinking Statists voting these establishment clowns into office who are to blame. We’re the most jailed nation on Earth. You people who hold your partisan political loyalties above all things need to wake up. Want to live in a free country again? Ron Paul is the only way to take our liberty back.

  • We are so fucked.

  • KamilMirkowicz

    Lol, I said: “I’m sorry for my terrible English” (Przepraszam za mój fatalny angielski)

  • Mitt Romoney 2012
    Believe in Lies.

  • heraldo curti

    Internet is fabulous indeed : how could I , a two brazilian children father – Paula 14y and Gabriel 13- have imagined that , some day , they would spontaneously come to me asking the following question:

    – Dad, who is this Ron Paul , a american ¨ guy ¨ who is defending ¨our ¨ Internet ?

    Since 2008 , weekly and this year almost day ly I have been browzing this site, ( as well Tom Wood´s, Mises Institute´s , L Rockwell´s , Judge Napolitano in Youtube , etc ) but naturally I have never talked about these kind of ¨adult subjects ¨ with them .

    Dr Paul : you are the new star among brazilian teens ! – at least in Paula´s and Gabriel´s school


  • I love the replies I get. So Ron wants the Iranians to nuke us? OK and to have the Jews blame us or something like that. He is a communist? Really have you seen the U.S. Government and its track record? Show me the FACTS then I will listen. With no facts this might as well be a Warner Brothers production. That’s all folks.

  • KamilMirkowicz

    In Poland, we go out to the streets tomorrow to protest against censorship. Our Polish(European) politicians are hiding from the peoples of the ACTA agreement. January 26 to sign these scandalous contract and only after that will discuss whether to do it! COMEDY!(Przepraszam za mój fatalny angielski)

  • Down with Obama.
    Down with Big Brother.

  • ACTA google it.

  • Ron Paul or WW3….You decide.

  • Ron Paul or WW3….You decide.

  • If he doesn’t get into the White House, I’m moving to Canada. SOPA & PIPA are violating the First and Fourth Amendments. Go Ron Paul! 🙂

  • Be sure to write and/or call your local representative and/or state senator(s) on this issue. We all must stop the erosion of freedom.

  • Bommetje

    The voting-machines are fixed, don’t ever think that that is not the case!!! Fixed fixed fixed Your whole country is fixed Every country in the world is fixed Wake up!! Let’s do something about it before it’s too late….. Ron Paul is the best answer for now and from there we can start (a worldwide) revolution… Without violence…. History has pointed out all the time that a violent revolution will eventually lead to another one… Film the people who voted Ron Paul after they just voted for him in the machines and ask them to do it again on film (my guess would be that Ron Paul voters are not unwilling to do this) At least you have a record of (the minimum number) of votes for the honest man and you can always go to court if they don’t match with the official votes for him… We MUST make an effort to change the pathetic stuff which is going on in the world right now America is a good place to start Willy-Nilly Good luck there in Uncle Sam’s country haha Love, peace and most of all freedom and non-tension from Bommie (born in Holland, living in China)

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