Unstoppable Momentum: The Ron Paul Revolution Continues

Ron Paul achieved a huge victory in South Carolina, a state that showed itself increasingly receptive to his message of

  • cutting the budget by $1 trillion the first year,
  • auditing the Federal Reserve,
  • saving the dollar,
  • ending the income tax,
  • preserving Social Security,
  • guaranteeing a strong national defense,
  • working towards a sensible, pro-American foreign policy and
  • reminding the federal government of its defining purpose: to protect our liberties.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Ron Paul’s Surge: Faster than Ever Before

Thanks to the hard work of his campaign staff, grassroots supporters, donors and SuperPACs, Ron Paul managed to more than triple (+259%) his percentage share of votes cast in South Carolina, from 3.62% in 2008 to 13% in 2012:


The number of votes cast for Ron Paul ballooned as well, more than quadrupling (+383%) from 16,155 votes in 2008 to 78,093 votes in 2012:


These results make South Carolina the state where Ron Paul has achieved the biggest rate of growth for his campaign so far.

In Iowa, Ron Paul had increased his percentage from 9.93% to 21.45% (+116%) and his number of votes from 11,841 to 26,219 (+121%).

In New Hampshire he had increased his percentage from 7.8% to 22.91% (+194%) and his number of votes from 18,308 votes to 56,872 (+211%):



Ready for more growth? The rate of growth itself keeps growing too.

Compared to the 2008 campaign, the percentage of votes cast for Ron Paul grew by 116% in Iowa, by 195% in New Hampshire and by 259% in South Carolina.

Ron Paul’s number of votes grew by 121% in Iowa, by 211% in New Hampshire and by 383% in South Carolina:


Victory Is Within Reach

Ron Paul’s message of freedom, his ardent base of supporters and his continuing surge even in states like South Carolina put him firmly on the track to winning the nomination.

The next stop is Florida on Jan. 31, where Ron Paul received 3.23% or 62,887 votes in 2008. Could there be a surprise brewing in the Sunshine State?

The weeks after Florida bring Ron Paul to three caucus states where he is expected to do very well: Nevada (13.73% in 2008), Colorado (8.42% in 2008) and Washington state (21.64% in 2008).

Let the marathon begin!

Photo by Gage Skidmore

  • I think that would be a blast if Mitt Romney thinks he s got the nomination
    and then Ron Paul get it instead! That would be GREAT!! Ron Paul is a

    GO RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Mr.Stephen Schweter

    Hello some tidbits for thinking American’s only,others go back to leep

    I am a Vet and am voting for Dr.Ron Paul I will include link of support for the good Doctor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aiz85NejIyE&NR=1&feature=endscreen that link is CIA for. next if from a general.

    You will have to copy and past into your browser if they do not turn blue.
    Peace to all


  • H B

    This is for all the anti Ron Paul people. I hope you will be satisfied with another four years of Obama. Not trying to get down on you just trying to let you in on what is going on with the Establishment.
    They will take either Obama, Romney or Newt. They would rater have Obama but any of the three will do, just no RP.
    The Establishment owns the Main Stream Media. There game plan.
    Ignore RP through the MSM except to tell people he can not win.
    Use the MSM to pi** off the RP supporters.
    Get the Romney, Newt and Santorum supporters to pi** off the RP supporters through the Internet.
    Cause the RP supporters to sit out the general election or drop back and vote Obama. That is win win for them. Do what every it takes to keep the spotlight off of RP and do all you can to pi** off his supporters.
    Can this be over come? Sure it can, just vote for RP.

  • maria holland

    I am dutch australian, have always hated america for its foreign policy, have always tried to boycott anything american, not gone on holidays to hawaii because of the brutal genocide by us on other countries, in other words, made sure the us was never getting any financial gain from me. Every time over decades I felt depressed and suicidal after hearing again and again how many people have been killed or tortured ( Abu graid ect), by american troops,lost all faith in humanity.
    After finding out about your campaign, and its only this year I heard about you, as the media tries to avoid you all together, my heart feels lighter and am praying daily to god to please let you win the race, because of your genuine humanitarian stance, you will defeat Barack obama, however do not change your convictions once you are in the white house. I will take my holiday to Hawaii as soon as you become president!!

  • Vickie

    Love the title of this post. I believe that Ron Paul will go down as one of the greatest Americans but the point is that it is not about him. He is in fact an anti-candidate in that he is the only one that understands that it is not to job of the President to solve every ones problem. If we have liberty, families and communities can solve their own problems.

    The point is that he has worked to light these little brush fires for liberty all over the country. At 10% of the population, if we don’t give up or give in this will be unstoppable.

  • jason coberly

    i’m 33 my first time voting ever Ron Paul gets my mass. vote

  • George

    So broke right now! Would love to get my hands on some free Ron Paul stickers

  • Richrdc

    Oliver Stone just came out today endorsing Ron Paul….

  • Hink

    I live in Grand Junction, Colorado, and I WILL be voting for Dr. Paul. I will NOT vote for anyone else, even if that means “throwing my vote away” by writing in Ron Paul!!

  • hippydog

    I would like to know why my comment and question about the military support was deleted?

    • AlParish

      @hippydog I seen your question, which was why did RON PAUL not get x amount of votes in SC, when it`s a heavy military state..my answer would be, because most of them are over seas, and not home..simply put..

      this is twice now, you`ve posted this question..the last time re replied to yourself that you had found it..anyway, to answer your question, i would imagine most of our military that would normally be in SC are currently OVER seas..that, and over all they do not make up a large portion of the voters in SC…

      • hippydog

        @ Alparish..
        Thank you for the reply.. I swear this morning my original question said “Deleted”, I even refreashed my browser to make sure.. but now its back again.. This is twice this has happened.. Site is buggy or something??..

        As to your response.. thank you! I was thinking of that as possible explanation myself but do not know anyone in the area nor anyone in the military who could confirm nor deny it..
        Still I wonder if the media will pick up on this idea, and I hope the Ron Paul team has an answer for it..

  • ImaJWalker

    For some ‘true’ news about what’s happening in the USA … I find that local media won’t tell you.

    Try here… http://www.rt.com

    The USA is not liked in the middle east at all. I have to warn you.

  • Onemorewarandwe’refinished

    Keep the lens focused on Ron Paul’s support in the military. The media and Washington always claim to care about the troops, and the troops care about Ron Paul. Most of the snobs in the media have very little connection to the military, and the same is true for Washington. As you might expect, the Establishment is trying to do everything in its power to pretend to care about the troops while simultaneously giving Ron Paul bad publicity when it even bothers to report on him. Nobody in America wants to be seen as not caring about the troops, the more the Paul campaign emphasizes its strong support in the military, the more support it will get from ordinary people and the more hypocritical the biased media will look. Ron Paul could still win this, I am rooting for you, even though I am an ex federal employee from the Drug War receiving entitlements, I want these wars to end, too, including the Drug War.

  • ImaJWalker

    There has been voter fraud in every state so far. I really don’t think it’s going to end. This is so disgusting.

    • standrkm

      @ImaJWalker There is voter fraud no doubt but there are independent exit polls being done and Newt did win that state (I know it’s really hard to believe). The thing is these elections are rigged but I think only when they have to be, I mean the biased media does most of the work already. But don’t let that get you down in the dumps. Remember Newt was getting destroyed and wins a state and now he’s up on top. Look at it this way, like a sporting event:

      Mitt Romney got 2,2,1 place= 1.66

      Ron Paul got 4,2,3 place= 3

      Newt got 1,4,4 place= 3

      Santorum got 3,1,5 place= 3

      So if you look at it that way, Romneys in the lead but Ron Paui is tied with the other 2 stooges. lol The delegate thing is confusing. Does anyone have the official numbers right now, seems like the numbers are up in the air.

  • Penisaurus

    I wish Henry Rollins would support Ron Paul, I can’t believe he doesn’t… Maybe he can’t get past the Republican thing, like it really matters at all when the candidate is right, right? ;’C

    • Penisaurus

      Or he’s just a brainwashed borg like all the other idiots who still believe the lies and smears against Dr. Paul…

    • standrkm

      @Penisaurus There’s gotta be a reason why so many people in hollywood and in the entertainment industry don’t support Ron Paul or endorse him openly. Maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s contractual, I don’t know. I do know there are a few like Vince Vaughn, Joe Rogan, Peyton Hillis, John Stewart, and the obvious Kelly Clarkson, who have stated their opinions of him. Maybe it’s fear and intimidation and the lack of conviction. Luckily we have twitter and facebook now and more and more will let their feelings be known. Whether on accident or on purpose doesn’t really matter lol, It’s public domain.

      Also I want to add yeah the debate was biased again and I don’t know what the Paul-Gingrich thing is about. I hope it’s a strategy by Paul to maybe get some more attention and not some haphazard endorsement. Oh yeah, and you guys with twitter contact Joe Rogan and the Ron Paul campaign and try to get Dr. Paul on the podcast. I mean imagine a 2 hour interview where Ron actually gets to speak freely, that would be amazing!! (and a first)

  • standrkm

    If you guys can, try and get Ron Paul on the Joe Rogan podcast. It’s a very popular podcast and Rogan has 585,922 followers on Twitter that love the guy. Ron would get a full uninterrupted 2 hours to speak about anything and everything. Please try and make it happen!!

  • RickyPhilipChuter

    The TSA should be removed for all Airports for sedition against the United States Congress. They on this day prevented the state of Kentucky from having representation at this session of Congress. The Law is in the Constitution of the U.S. Under Article 1 section 6 we read: The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place. http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/constitution_transcript.html

  • dgk8080

    Only wish we in Canada could have a person like Ron Paul . The others Newt Mitt and Santorum have to reinvent their message all the time. Ron Paut you have the hearts of many from around the world. You also have the trust and respect and love from all. The others have little or noning.

    • ImaJWalker

      @dgk8080 I too am from Canada and believe me, I feel your pain. I’d give up Harper in a new york minute if we could have Ron Paul. With all the garbage going on in the USA right now I can’t for the life of me figure out why the good citizen demand that THEY count the votes and that they be done manually instead of computer. The entire election is a farce if something isn’t corrected. Now that I’ve become ‘awake’ and see all the youtube videos of voter fraud… you know they are grooming either Romney or Ginface for the next Obama takeover. Did you notice how at first it was Romney? Then all of a sudden Newt gets a glimmer of corporate donations… Wonder if Romney’s eligibility is going to be a factor like Obama. Obama has to go to court on the 26th for his… They finally found a judge that’s taking it serious and can’t be paid off. I have the date x’d on my calendar..

      • @[email protected] Here’s a site that will be live streaming the hearing.


        The live video stream will be located at this page and on the home-page of this website.


  • Stevessanity

    you know what i was asleep for 30 years and thanks to mr paul and our current economic conditions.

    We as a country are headed in a bad direction i remember many years ago when reagan became pres things were bad also i remember my parents talking about it..what we need is a pres with some common sense and to get rid of alot of this corruption we have.i can go on and on after waking up and reading so much.I will continue now that i know about whats goin on in this country to spread this messege..Im old but my voice is not broken thank you sorry for some of the bad grammer mistakes

    • ImaJWalker

      @Stevessanity sokay steve…. grammar hasn’t been important lately. Since puters, they tell the kids as long as you can sound it out…they’re content and give ’em an ‘a’….sad eh!